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Hong Kong Ta Kung Pao reported that China is rapidly rising national sports brand under armour clutchfit drive 2 canada , and show in the Chinese market to foreign brands, "encirclement and suppression" of the situation. In March this year, Li Ning latest annual report released in Hong Kong, the company annual sales 9 8.387 billion yuan (RMB, same below), an increase of 25.4%, successfully replaced the foreign famous brands Adidas, jumping to the mainland Sports supplies market share second only to Nike. Experts point out that this signal shows that China's leading domestic sports brand already has the strength to compete with international giants. Sports products market in China, Nike, Adidas and other foreign brands have dominated the more than ten years, but as the national sports brand enterprises in China grow, the existing market structure is already changed. In fact, in the past year, "state back into the ocean" is the sporting goods industry, the key word. Adidas last year, the global and regional markets into a quagmire under armour scorpio canada , Nike is closed only its own factories in China, as Belle, Daphne and other large agencies have also closed a lot of Adidas, Nike stores, have pulled out of international sport apparel brand agency. Li Ning Liu mainland three kings Results from the recently announced can be seen reflected, Adidas sales in China last year decreased by 16% year on year to 967 million euros, of which about 7.0 billion sales in the mainland. This result reflects, Li Ning sporting goods market in China has successfully replaced the Adidas. The industry also pointed out that total sales last year, Li Ning and Nike billion estimated sales of the outside world only from 1.6 to 1.7 billion yuan in the gap, according to the company if 25% annual growth rate, the Li Ning fully expected the next two to three years, regained the throne in China. In addition to Li Ning, the other Chinese national sports brand also rosy. Anta nine year sales up 23% to 5.875 billion yuan ranked fourth in the Chinese sports market; The Pick of last year while sales of 3.095 billion yuan, up 51.6%, ranking fifth. It is worth noting that the top ten in the current market share of China's sports brands, accounted for most of the Chinese national brand under armour speedform gemini canada , Nike, Adidas and other brand-name Chinese brands have been caught in the "encirclement and suppression" in. Create different end products should The face of sluggish foreign brands, the Chinese way win the national brand. Late last year, Anta in Shanghai, Beijing and other cities to open a line of nearly 400 stores; and Li Ning 7249 home stores, there are two cities into a distribution line. The Peak, the Group CEO Zhi-Hua Xu said that this year will increase Olympic in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other front-line development of the city. He pointed out that Peak this year plans to open 1,000 shops nationwide, including one in Shanghai will add only 100 stores; same time, the company also opened 100 stores basketball supplies, but also the main layout of front-line cities. However, the China Advertising Association of Academic Committee, Ren Chenpei love that under armour training shoes sale , although national sports brand products, competitive advantage is low cost, but low-cost marketing can only be a stage act, you want to enter the first-line market, national enterprises must pay attention to product differentiation, not only have low-end products, but also have their own high-end brands, competitive products, this is the future of national enterprises in the Mainland and international markets based on the fundamental one of the first line. In fact, some national companies have already changed the way in business. It is reported that Peak Group will be starting on April 20 after another in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other mainland cities open line "basketball shop." "Basketball shop" will be the only element of basketball, pool basketball Peak Group, all products, not only has the mainstream market on Olympic basketball products stephen curry 3 mens , but also includes models such as the Olympic star's Olympic basketball shoes high-end products. Houli Dong, general manager of Peak Group brand PR, said, " store opening of basketball is first-line market, the Mainland Pick a strike out." Acquisition of high-end products FILA Na In addition, the Anta group in October last year spent 600 million dollar acquisition of Italy-known high-level sports and leisure brand FILA brand in China, Hong Kong and Macao business, entered the high-end sporting goods market. It is understood that ANTA would be completed in rebranding for the high-end consumer market expansion plans during the year to expand its total number of stores to 200. Anta Group expressed the hope that with FILA high-end product development in related areas of the advantages of living in a world leader, combined with ANTA in the domestic sporting goods market experience, grasp the potential of high-end sporting goods market. Author's Resource Box I am Frbiz Site writer, reports some information about beach slippers , thong slippers.

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