ALKALINE UPDATE: Case Not Over, Police Still Looking To Charge The Deejay!

Is Alkaline A Suspect Or Witness In Rohan Morris Murder Case?

Alkaline walked free from police custody on Monday but cops are saying their investigation is far from over and that doesn’t rule out the dancehall star from any future runnings with law enforcement.

The “New Level Unlocked” deejay paid a visit to the Criminal Investigation Branch headquarters in Kingston last week Thursday where he was intensely grilled about the murder of Rohan Morris, who was gunned down on January 13 in front of his 5-year-old daughter in Maverly. Detectives believe that Alkaline has information or is involved with the murder but so far they have zilch on the deejay.

Alkaline, born Earlan Bartley, was forced to sleep in jail over the weekend despite not being charged with any crime. That move from cops forced his attorney Peter Champagnie to file legal docs on Monday asking a judge to release his client. The judge sided with his argument and requested that police officers released Alka or charged him by 6 PM on Monday. He was set free at around 3 PM

Sources inside the police force told Dancehall HipHop that his freedom doesn’t mean that he is without guilt or that he can’t be arrested in the future. “The murder is still an active investigation and detectives will continue to follow every lead wherever they go,” we’re told. “This means that if information leads back to Mr. Bartley then cops will again request for him to come in for further questioning.”

Our sources couldn’t say if Alkaline is a suspect or a witness in the murder of Morris. But detaining him for five days simply means that he is much more than a witness or someone that investigators just want to “question.” His lawyer Champagnie says that his client was not involved in any criminal activity and will continue to cooperate with police officers in the future.


Alkaline, born Earlan Bartley, was forced to sleep in jail over the weekend despite not being charged with any crime. That move from cops forced his attorney Peter Champagnie to file legal docs on Monday asking a judge to release his client. The judge sided with his argument and requested that police officers released Alka or charged him by 6 PM on Monday. He was set free at around 3 PM

Alkaline, real name Earlan Bartley, was released from police custody about an hour ago without any charges.

The dancehall hitmaker has been behind bars for five days while held for questioning, but his lawyer, Peter Champagnie, filed court documents earlier today asking for his released and a judge sided with him. A high court judge ruled that police should release Alkaline by 6 PM today or charge him with a crime. He was freed approximately 3 PM on Monday afternoon.
Alkaline or his lawyer did not comment on his release, but over the weekend Peter Champagnie maintained that his client has been fully cooperating with police and will continue to do so. The Vendetta deejay was being interrogated by police as they investigate the gruesome murder of Rohan Morris in from of his 5-year-old daughter in Maverly on January 13.
Alkaline has maintained that he does not know anything about the murder, despite cops insisting that he can assist them in their investigation.


Alkaline In Police Custody Interrogation Continued Friday

Alkaline is currently behind bars awaiting to know his fate. But is he being treated as a suspect or a witness in the murder case?

Police officers stunned the dancehall community last week when they put out a notice for Alkaline to report to the police department for questioning in relation the murder of Rohan Morris. According to police reports, Morris was shot and killed on January 13 in Maverly, Kingston.

Superintendent Stephanie Lindsay, director of the Corporate Communications Unit (CCU), revealed that detectives only wanted to question the dancehall star, but with the latest development, we’re left to believe this is deeper than just questioning. Alkaline turned up at the Harman Barracks on Thursday morning moments after 9 AM and by midday, he was transferred to the Criminal Investigation Branch headquarters. By the end of the day, cops revealed that he will be held overnight and continued to be questioned on Friday. Now he is spending the entire weekend in police custody. 

Police sources told Dancehall HipHop that detectives can hold the deejay for a certain amount of time under the lay even without charge. Now Alkaline’s attorney Peter Champagnie indicated on Saturday that he will be going to court to have his client released if police don’t make their next move by Monday.

Will Alkaline be set free or charged with a crime? There is a strong possibility that police will make that announcement on Monday.

The big question fans are now asking is Alkaline being treated fairly and whether he is a suspect or a witness to the gruesome murder?


Alkaline Diss Song Against Popcaan, "Microwave" Becomes the Hottest Song In Jamaica

Dancehall deejay Alkaline will be held overnight in police custody where his interrogation will continue on Friday.

Let’s be clear, there are no charges currently laid out against the Vendetta head. However, detectives put him through two rounds of questioning on Thursday in the presence of his attorney in relation to the January 13 gruesome murder of Rohan Morris. Cops say that Morris was shot 15 times and killed in Maverly and his 5-year-old daughter witness the killing.

Alkaline, born Earlan Bartley, turned up at the Area 4 police headquarters in Kingston moments after 9 AM today where he was immediately grilled by investigators. He was then transfered to the Criminal Investigation Brand headquarters for further questioning. Sources told us that he will be held in a cell at the CIB over night and questioning will continue tomorrow. 

We’re told that his lawyer strongly objected to police keeping him over night but that didn’t stop police from placing him in a holding cell. No details about the line of questioning was release since there in an ongoing investigation. Head of the Corporate Communication Unit (CCU), Stephanie Lindsay, confirmed that authorities wanted to interview Alkaline in relation to Morris’ murder.

Alkaline has maintained his innocence and his attorney Peter Champagnie says that his client will continue to cooperate with police officers. “He is someone who is prepared to cooperate and will answer questions that is asked of him,” Champagnie said.


Update: Head of the constabulary Corporate Communications Unit, Superintendent Stephanie Lindsay, has confirmed that there is a wanted notice out for Alkaline and that he should report to the police by 5 PM on Wednesday. If he fails to report to cops, a warrant could be issued for his arrest.
Original: Alkaline is now a wanted man as police seek the dancehall star in connection with a recent murder in Jamaica.
The Vendetta head is required to report to the Harman Barracks police station by 5 PM on Wednesday (Feb 8). The Jamaica Constabulary Force broke the news on its official Twitter page late Tuesday evening. “Police are seeking Earlan Bartley o/c Alkaline for questioning in relation to a murder. He is to report to Harman Barracks by 5:00 p.m., Feb 8,” the JCF tweeted.
Alkaline, whose real name is Earlan Bartley, is currently one of the hottest artists in dancehall. Cops believe the deejay can assist them in their investigation into the murder of Morris who was shot and killed last month. No further details were released regarding the investigation.
It’s not uncommon for dancehall artists to be wanted by police in connection to crimes in Jamaica. In fact, just last month Tommy Lee Sparta was wanted in relation to a shooting incident in his native Flanker in Montego Bay. The former Gaza deejay says that police is just targeting him because of his image.



Dancehall artiste Alkaline‘s new viral single “Microwave” is currently No.1 in Jamaica on YouTube and has been for more than a week now. Alkaline is rocking up the views for his Popcaan diss track “Microwave.” The single tops a million views in less than a week after uploaded to YouTube.

The track triggered a flurry of memes similar to the Drake and Meek Mill beef when the Toronto rapper dropped “Charged Up” and then “Back To Back” which went on to earn a Grammy nomination. The diss record “Microwave” itself went harder than Drake on “Back To Back” when you line up the content together, but whats even more impressive for Alkaline is how fast dancehall fans is consuming the track.

Popcaan has yet to respond to the Vendetta deejay even after dropping a second diss track this week. In case your one of the many who are wondering what started this beef, here is what we know. Sources told us that Poppy has been dropping subliminal disses for Alkaline in several tracks last year, but things reached a boiling point for Alka when Poppy alleged used material from his New Level Unlocked album with authorization.

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