Alkaline disses Matterhorn after selector plays Kartel song at his birthday bash

Was Tony Matterhorn seriously searching for controversy when he played a Vybz Kartel song at Alkaline's birthday party in Florida lst weekend? Or was he simply doing what all good selectors do--- play the songs which will nice up a session?

Well despite a massive reaction from the crowd at Alkaline's party, wehn Matterhorn teased the Kartel song, the 'Champion Boy' singer and the man whose style he has been accused of copying, incarcerated superstar Vybz Kartel.

Social media wentr into virtual overdrive over the weekend when a video showing Alkaline interrupting Matterhorn's set at the deejay's birthday party at a club in Florida, allegedly in response to the selector playing a Vybz Kartel song. Noteworthy, however, is the response of the crowd when Matterhorn teased the Kartel song. The crowd at Alkaline's birthday bash roared in response to the Kartel tune!

Anyway, the video shows Alkaline calling Matterhorn a friend before dissing him by calling his the pussycat without the c-a-t, in front of a packed club.

Matterhorn in his response says it simply musical: "It's all about the love and the music... Nuff man ah go say ah eediat ting, and mi wi get mad and diss up everybody. Then yu a go hear say Matterhorn mek him friend diss Alkaline, but mi nuh tek press and tek press button, at the time, mi feel fi quell the situation because you know none ah dem no bad like me," Matterhorn said in a rambling response.

"Not because yu have yu gun or yu gang makes yu a bad person, is how yu deal with situations," he added.

Matterhorn added that "Alkaline just made himself look bad".

The selector said, "Your action showed everybody now what you were hiding all along - yuh nuh like Kartel... he made himself look like he has a problem with Vybz Kartel."

One reaction is that Matterhorn got the exact reaction he was looking for. Tony Matterhorn, some fell, deliberately stepped into the ants nest. He played Alkaline's 'Champion Boy' at the 'Vybz Kartel vs Worl' Boss' party held at Oniel's Place on Hagley Park Road in January 2016 - then, to the malign of Kartel fans.

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