Barrington Levy - "Rosie is that special girl that comes into my life"



Reggae superstarBarrington Levy is pleased with response to his latest single,'Rosie', which hit FM radio a few days ago. It was officially released on January 1, 2014 on the Black Roses Entertainmentlabel.

"The new single "Rosie" premiered on IRIE FM shortly after 12 midnight on January 1st, and the feedback has been tremendous so far, very positive,"he said.
Levy admitted that the song is a part two to his seminal hit, 'Black Roses'.

"The story continues, I wrote the song recently as a followup to 'Black Roses'. You see 'Black Roses' was about travelling the world and never seeing a black rose, something special in my garden. Now 'Rosie' is that special girl who comes into my life with ignorance when I am looking for romance, and how I lay down the rules for her, threatening to lock her off if she doesn't change," Levy said.

This is not the first time that the man known as 'Mellow Canary' has sung about a character called 'Rosie'. In one of his biggest international hits,'Here I Come' (Broader than Broadway), he sings On the intercom Rosie tell me to come/Say she didn't have a daughter she did have a son…Cause you are old and I am young/Yes while I'm young yes I want to have some fun.

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