Barrington Levy Clears Up HIV Statement Thanks Fans For Support

Barrington Levy Says “I Have A Virus” Barrington Levy has finally broken his silence after abruptly announcing last week that he has “a virus.”

Fans of the reggae/dancehall legend can now breathe a sigh of relief after he cleared up the many questions about his health and well being. In a snippet of an interview he did over the weekend on his Roses FM radio station, Barrington Levy confirmed that he doesn’t have any deadly virus like HIV, but has a virus that he thinks should be spread around the entire world.
He was asked if he has HIV/Aids, Gonorrhea, Ebola, Syphilis, and Chikungunya and he replied no to all of them. The singer said he didn’t tell the world that he has Aids or any other virus and people just misunderstood what he said. However, in the viral video posted on his Instagram page, Barrington Levy says he has “a virus” without elaborating any further which leaves more questions than answered. Sources told us last weekend that it was a PR stunt on the part of the entertainer who is working on a new project.
“I did not tell anybody that I have aids or any form of virus,” he said. “The virus that I have people have it twisted and they didn’t ask the question what type of virus… well they asked but I couldn’t answer because there were so many questions.”
“People, I do not have aids or any other sickening virus,” Barrington Levy continues. “The virus that I have I would like everybody in the world to really spread this virus with me. To the world, trust me we need to have this virus, and this virus is something that you need to have… This virus is called the love virus.”
That statement helps clears up a lot of the question that fans have and they will surely be breathing a sigh of relief after this.


Barrington Levy revealed on Instagram that he got “a virus.”

The dancehall legend posted a video on his Instagram page yesterday telling his fans that he has a virus. He didn’t reveal any more details and he didn’t post a follow-up video explaining what’s going on. “Give thanks to god give thanks to health give thanks to world peace give thanks to the love you all give me but I have the # #(VIRUS),” he wrote while tagging artists like Shaggy and Snoop Dogg, who are his close friends, in the post.

Barrington Levy is one of the most recognized voices in foundation dancehall and is even dubbed the golden voice of dancehall music. He is known for classics like “Black Roses,” “Murderer,” “Here I Come,” “Vice Versa Love,” and “Too Experience.”

Levy could be just trolling us or he could be struggling to reveal a serious illness. Nevertheless, we wish him a speedy recovery.

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