Labba Labba Found Alive Iced Missing Rumors

Labba Labba Reportedly Missing After Accusing Beenie Man Of Killing Bogle
Labba Labba was found alive and well.

The retired dancehall dancer has been located after over a week of reports that he has gone missing. Last weekend, LA Lewis posted a video of himself at Labba Labba home where he claimed that he is unable to locate the dancer. A video has now surfaced online showing Labba Labba in good spirit while dismissing LA Lewis claims. “Dem man deh a waste man,” he said in the clip.

Over the past week, Beenie Man name has been mentioned once again after rumors surfaced claiming that the dancer might’ve been killed for fingering him out in Bogle’s murder. The dancehall legend has maintained that he has nothing to do with Mr. Wacky’s killing.

Labba Labba has also issued an apology to Beenie Man and retracted what he said.


Labba Labba Apologize To Beenie Man Backtracks Claims About Bogle Labba Labba is reportedly missing

Multiple sources have confirmed with that legendary dancer Labba Labba is missing. This latest development came just a few weeks after the dancer went viral online through an impromptu interview he did where he named Beenie Man as the man responsible for Bogle’s murder. His controversial statement brought the spotlight back on the dancehall icon who has been fending off the rumors ever since Bogle was killed in 2005.
Labba Labba has since backtracked on his statement and issued an apology to Beenie Man and Tristan Palmer who he also named as responsible for Mr. Wacky’s death. Beenie also denied the allegations once again during a recent interview with Winford Williams of OnStage.
We’re told that Labba Labba hasn’t been seen for days now and his friends and family are worried that something bad might’ve happened to him in the aftermath of his accusations. “Almost a week now nobody sees or hear from him and trust me a lot of people worried right now,” Travis told us on Twitter this morning.
Urban Islandz reached to law enforcement to find out if a missing person report was filed, but the department could not confirm. This was Labba Labba two weeks ago issuing an apology to Beenie Man.


Beenie Man Speaks On Alleged Involvement In Bogle’s Murder {VIDEO} Beenie

Labba Labba says sorry to Beenie Man but the damage is already done.

Labba Labba has stepped forward to apologize to Beenie Man as he backtracks a previous statement claiming that the dancehall icon is responsible for the 2006 murder of legendary dancer Bogle. In a new video the former dancer says he was drunk off Hennessy when he did the interview and didn’t mean to say what he said.
In the short clip, Labba said he was drinking some Hennessy before he did the impromptu interview where he made some very serious claims that Beenie Man paid $100,000 to have Bogle killed. On the night Bogle was shot and killed, he disrespected Beenie with two chickens.
Labba is now claiming that he doesn’t know anything about the dancehall legend nor Tristan Palmer son being involved in the unsolved murder. “I just want to apologize to Tristan and his son and Beenie Man,” he said.


Beenie Man Didn’t Kill Bogle Over Two Chickens, Tony Matterhorn Blast Labba Labba Beenie Man interview

Beenie Man has broken his silence on his alleged involvement in legendary dancehall dancer Bogle’s death.
Last week, another legend in the dance world, Labba Labba, made some damning allegations against Beenie Man whom he said is responsible for Bogle’s death. The dancehall legend is making it clear that he has nothing to do with the dancer’s death. This is not the first time that Beenie has come under scrutiny over the 2005 murder. At the time, he had to leave the island for a few months because his life was in danger.

During a sit down with Winford Williams on OnStage this weekend, Beenie Man once again denied the allegation and blast Labba Labba. “No entertainers and no artist is above getting charge for murder in Jamaica or be convicted,” the Doc said. “The police did their thorough investigation. They questioned who they should question, and they never questioned me, I was never brought to a police station, there is no evidence pointing to show that I was involved in any way at all.”
Beenie Man is also alleging that someone paid Labba Labba to lie about his involvement in Bogle’s murder so that they could sabotage his Summer Sizzle show.

“Labba Labba is a man that don’t do anything for his life, them man there move from boss to boss and people to people, that man is my don and that man,” Beenie added. “Any man can manipulate Labba Labba, give him some money and say “say this’ and show him on camera doing it because them man there is nothing.”

Beenie Man says he is not paying Labba Labba or the haters any mind because they are just trying to tear down his career. The dancehall icon says it’s a clear setup because the video came out only two days before his Summer Sizzle show.
Bogle, who is widely regarded as the king of dancing, was shot and killed in January 2005 after leaving a party. He was at a gas station when he was murdered in a hail of bullets by men riding motorcycles.


Beenie Man Back In Spotlight For Alleged Involvement In Bogle’s Murder Beenie Man

Beenie Man didn’t kill Bogle over two chickens. Tony Matterhorn reacts to some recent allegation by legendary dancer Labba Labba.
Last week, Labba Labba did an impromptu interview where he alleges that Beenie Man paid $100,000 to have dancehall icon Bogle killed. Beenie has been under scrutiny for years for his alleged involvement in the dancer’s killing in 2005, but the Doc has denied the allegations, and at the time of Bogle’s death, he offered up $1 million to have the dancer’s killers brought to justice.
There were some rumors that Bogle’s killers were killed a short time after his death and it’s unclear if Beenie Man ever forked over that $1 million. Nevertheless, Tony Matterhorn went on Instagram Live this week to share his reaction to what Labba Labba said.
“Labba Labba is a little b*tch who looks like he is on coke and like he wants a little fix and just a tell some lies,” Matterhorn said. While he didn’t reveal what he knows about Bogle’s death, Tony Matterhorn was clearly not here for what Labba Labba is alleging.
Beenie Man has remained silent on the recent allegations, but in the past, he vehemently denied having anything to do with the murder.


Image result for Beenie Man Back In Spotlight For Alleged Involvement In Bogle’s Murder

Beenie Man is once again under scrutiny for his alleged involvement in dance legend Bogle’s murder.

Another dancehall dancing legend, Labba Labba, thrust Beenie Man back into the spotlight by revealing that the dancehall king paid hitmen to kill Bogle. For those of you who don’t know that backstory, Bogle, whose real name is Gerald Levy, was shot and killed by men on motorcycles on January 20, 2005, while at a gas station in Kingston.

The famous dancer had a beef with Beenie Man and fellow dancer John Hype whom the Doc took under his wings back then. John Hype house was burnt to the ground the said night that Bogle was murdered. Beenie came under heavy scrutiny back then when fingers started pointing in his direction as the man behind the murder.

Beenie vehemently denied the allegations against him and even offered up $1 million for the capture of the killers. The dancehall deejay had to leave Jamaica for a while until the situation died down. Now over a decade later some folks decided to re-hashed the murder.

Labba Labba did an impromptu interview where he once again said that Beenie Man paid $100,000 to someone name Chris Royal to take out Bogle who disrespected him at a dance in Kingston using two fowls.

Bogle rose to fame in the 1990s when he created the infamous Bogle dance that artists like Buju Banton, Beenie Man, and Elephant Man sing about. His untimely death left a big void in the dancehall space, and since then a number of dancers have since risen to fill the void including Ding Dong who sees Levy as his role model.

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