Bugle Disses ex-girlfriend Raine Seville in New Song?

DANCEHALL ARTISTE Bugle has released a song called Nuh Compatible that many are crediting as being a diss song aimed at his ex-girlfriend Raine Seville, who recently released semi nude pictures with fellow dancehall artiste Konshens in promotion of their song Sekkle Dung Pussy.
Nuh Compatible sees the artiste chastising an unnamed female and accuses her of being lazy and an educated dunce.
"If mi deh wid yu it wouldn't help mi, it nuh mek sense wi try cuz win nuh compatible, yu might educated but yu nuh wise... yu nuh have nuh adrenaline a mi haffi a drive, you wah gain and nuttin yu nuh try every year all yu duh wait pon ATI. Dats y yu have a bag a man a wine yu cuz yu a wait pon dem fi mine yu," a seemingly upset Bugle sang.
News of the separation of Raine Seville and Bugle only broke after the semi nude pics featuring Konshens were released, in the process creating a buzz on social networks. It appears that Bugle was keeping his mouth locked on the break up, but the pictures ended up forcing his tongue.




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