Buju Banton Case: Drug Dealer Arrested AGAIN In Florida

Buju Banton Having A Stroke In Prison Reports False

Buju Banton is only months away from being released from prison but there is a major development related to his case.

Ian Thomas, who was arrested with Buju Banton in 2009, was arrested in Florida last week and charged with money laundering and unlawful use of a communications device charges. If you were following the case closely between 2009-2011, then you would have already known who Ian Thomas is. The 51-year-old was arrested with Buju Banton and James Mack and slapped with drug trafficking charges.

Thomas and Mack took a plea deal and was given reduced sentences, but Buju, real name Mark Myrie, fought his charges and lost. The reggae singer was sentenced to ten years in prison for three counts of cocaine charges. The singer says he knew Thomas since he was 19 years old. Thomas and James Mack were released from prison in 2013 and now he finds himself in more legal troubles that could see him spending years in prison.

Buju Banton’s defense support committee says this latest development vindicates the singer and shows that Thomas was not a credible witness. “This arrest shows that he (Thomas) was not credible, and we have always had an issue with that from the get-go,” the committee said. “Here it is he turned against Buju, entered a plea bargain, got a reduced sentenced, and almost immediately after, on his own, he’s found with drugs and arrested. They were the ones caught in the warehouse in 2009. Mark [Myrie] was arrested at his home. It’s clear at this point who was the drug dealer.”

Buju Banton says he was entrapped in a drug deal with police informant Alexander Johnson who claimed that the singer introduced him to Thomas and Mack. The two men were arrested at a warehouse in Miami while trying to make a drug deal. Cops showed a video footage in court of Buju tasting cocaine in said warehouse, but the singer says he was just doing it to make it seems like he was a legitimate drug dealer.

Buju Banton release date is set for December this year. He will also be deported to Jamaica.


Should President Obama Pardon Buju Banton? Buju Banton

Sources close to the Grammy winner said the 43-year-old is in good health and that the reports are completely false. “Gargamel (Buju Banton) is doing good and the reports are completely false,” sources said.
News started circulating on social media on and some blogs on Saturday claiming that Buju Banton had a stroke and is hospitalized. We checked with the correctional department in Georgia and with the artists reps who also dismissed the reports.
Buju Banton, born Mark Myrie, is currently serving a 10-year sentence for drug traffickingcharges. He is schedule for release from prison in late 2018.


Did Buju Banton Get A Prison Visit From Jay Z, Diddy & Doug E. Fresh because he is leaving prison early?

President Obama may hold the key to Buju Banton freedom. A new petition was launched on the Whitehouse website is getting a lot of attention.

During his trial, Banton’s legal team argued that he was entrapped into a drug trafficking ring by a paid U.S. informant with a criminal record.

Despite getting a lot of support, it is widely believe that getting President Obama to pardon Buju Banton is still a long shot.

Side note, President Obama is a huge fan of reggae music.


Jailed Jamaican reggae star Buju Banton warns against Trinidad scam

Buju Banton has received visits in prison from a lot of celebrities but Jay Z, Diddy and Doug E. Fresh are not among them.

The above image have been circulating on a few websites and on social media claiming that the hip hop icons visited the reggae legend in prison recently. That is completely false and the photo is over a decade old.

The pic was taken in June, 2005 when at a launch party for Jay Z’s limited edition Audemars Piguet watch at Audemars Piguet Boutique in New York City. That was long before Buju Banton even dream of going to prison for drug trafficking.

Banton, whose real name is Mark Myrie, has had his 10-year sentence reduced by a mere 2 months, meaning that he could be released in the fall of 2018.


Concert promoters in Trinidad and Tobago are being warned that they should not pay funds to an individual posing as the authorized agent for incarcerated reggae star, Buju Banton.

“A certain individual in Trinidad has approached promoters with the false claim that he is the local agent for renowned reggae musician Buju Banton. He has further sought to swindle monies by stating he is authorised to collect funds for a concert being held for Buju Banton in Trinidad during this year.

“We wish to warn the public that it is totally untrue. Buju Banton has not given such rights to anyone in Trinidad. Nor is a concert being organised at this time,” according to a joint statement issued by the Buju Banton Defence Support Committee and his attorney Charles Ogletree.

Buju Banton Sentencing Postponed, Gargamel Issue Statement++Buju As...

Banton is currently serving a 10-year sentence on drug-related charges after he was arrested at his South Florida home in December 2009 and charged with conspiracy to distribute five or more kilogrammes of cocaine.

His arrest followed a sting operation at a Drug Enforcement Agency-controlled warehouse in Tampa, which also resulted in the arrest of James Mack and Ian Thomas, who were attempting to purchase co-caine from undercover agents.

After two trials he was sentenced in a Tampa, Florida court.

However, Ogletree has filed a second appeal in the 11th US Circuit Court on February 4 claiming his client was denied a fair trial due to juror misconduct. Banton has maintained his innocence and says he was entrapped by the US Government.

The attorney has warned that the person who is posing as an agent for the singer could face legal action if caught.

“Anyone seeking to do this would suffer legal consequences. We urge that you immediately inform the authorities of anyone who solicits monies from you for that purpose,” the release stated.

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