Buju Banton Invites Trinidad Police Commissioner On Stage Calls For Unity {VIDEO}

Buju Banton: Trinidad Police Commissioner Apologize To Singer For Cops Harassment Buju Banton invited Trinidad and Tobago Commissioner of Police, Gary Griffith, on stage at his “I Am Legend” concert on Sunday.

The reggae star went viral over the weekend when he posted a video clip telling his fans that cops came to visit him at his hotel room with a search warrant. The move triggered a public backlash for law enforcement in T&T. On Saturday night, Gary Griffith and members of the Jamaica consulate visited Buju Banton at his hotel and offered a formal apology.
Buju Banton drew a massive crowd to the Queen’s Park Savannah in Port-of-Spain where he calls Griffith onto the stage in the middle of his set. “Buju Banton, I will take a line from your song, how could you ever think, Trinidad and Tobago, don’t ever doubt we are your friends,” Griffith said. “And from GG (Gary Griffiths) to BB (Buju Banton), Trinidad and Tobago and Jamaica are allies forever.”

Buju Banton then called for Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago to hit the reset button for better relations going forward. The singer told the crowd that he has been performing in Trinidad for many years and never had this experience.

Banton continues his “Long Walk To Freedom” tour across the Caribbean before heading to Europe.


Buju Banton Cops Obtain Search Warrant Tried To Arrest Singer In Trinida

Buju Banton and Gary Griffith

Buju Banton gets an apology from Trinidad’s Police Commissioner Gary Griffith.

On Saturday, Buju Banton, real name Mark Myrie, stunned the world when he revealed via Instagram that cops in Trinidad paid a visit to his hotel room with a search warrant. He allowed them to search the room and they came up empty-handed. The running with law enforcement angered the Grammy-winning reggae singer and his fans who blast T&T cops on social media. Commissioner Gary Griffith visited the singer inside his hotel room on Saturday night to personally apologize for what happened.

Banton also confirmed that representatives from the Jamaican consulate in Trinidad also met with him. “After viral posting, the Trinidadian Commissioner of Police and Representative of the Jamaican consulate paid me a visit to issue an apology on behalf of the Trinidadian Police Department,” the Gargamel wrote. “I will not let this issue affect my love for the Trinidadian people or me as I move forward to have a wonderful night tomorrow. Trini we’re still on track love to my Trini family.”

Buju Banton made it clear that the situation will not deter him and his band from performing at the “I Am Legend” concert at the Queen’s Park Savannah tonight. Thousands of fans are expected to converge on the arena to see the reggae star perform live in Trinidad for the first time in a decade.


Buju BantonBuju Banton already had one running with cops in Trinidad.

The reggae star arrived in Trinidad and Tobago yesterday for his “I Am Legend” concert at the Queen’s Park Savannah, Port of Spain set for this Sunday. Sources told Urban Islandz that at around noon, a group of police officers converged on Buju Banton hotel room saying that they got a search warrant. We’re told that the singer did not object and allow them to do what they came to do. A rep for the singer told us that even though he was annoyed by the situation, he was not deterred.

Buju Banton posted a video on Instagram on Saturday telling his fans that a group of police officers turned up to his hotel room saying that got a search warrant to search the room.

“Yow Trinidad what’s up,” he started. “I just realized something. Am chilling in my hotel room and the cops came to check me, a whole bunch of them. Saying they got a warrant to search my room and all that kind of stuff. I am here in Trinidad just for the people, chilling with my band and all that.”

Buju continues, “But I just want you to know, no matter what they can’t break us we see what’s going on and I just want you to know what’s going on. We see what they’re planning. How can you obtain a search warrant for a hotel room on a Saturday.”

Buju Banton is adamant that he will perform for his fans tomorrow in what is shaping of to be one of the biggest concerts in Trinidad this year. “I still got love for you, Trinidad, they can’t distract us that’s why we’re here… for you not them, peace,” he said at the end of the clip.

Sources told Urban Islandz that cops came up empty-handed and left the hotel room. Buju Banton has already spoken to his attorney about what went down.


Buju Banton Drops New Song “False Pretense” With Sons Markus & Jahazeil Buju Bnton performanceBuju Banton show in Trinidad and Tobago this weekend is still on.

His “I Am Legend” concert set for the Queen’s Park Savannah on Sunday, was almost a no go after news surfaced that the Grammy-winning singer is unable to legally enter the Caribbean island because of his criminal record. It’s no secret that Buju Banton served ten years in prison in the United States for a drug trafficking conviction. Under Trinidad laws, his criminal record would automatically disqualify him from entering the country without permission from the government.

National Security Minister Stuart Young told reporters that he is ready to sign off on an exception for Buju Banton to enter the island legally for the show. “I am willing to give the application for the concert to go on,” Young said.

The Minister said he had told the concert promoters to submitted an application for a waiver for Buju Banton and he will more than likely sign off on it. This is good news for the Jamaican singer who has a massive fan base in Trinidad.

Buju is currently making his way across the Caribbean for his “Long Walk To Freedom” tour. He already performed in Jamaica and the Bahamas.


Date: March 16

Venue: National Stadium


Nassau, Bahamas

Date: March 30

Venue: Thomas A Robinson National Stadium


Trinidad and Tobago

Date: April 21

Venue: Queen’s Park Savannah



Date: April 27

Venue: Kensington Oval



Date: May 11

Venue: National Stadium



Date: May 25

Venue: National Stadium


Tortola, BVI

Date: June 15

Venue: TBA


St Kitts Music Festival

Date: June 26 to 30

Venue: Warner Park Stadium


Buju Banton

Buju Banton’s first post-prison song is titled “False Pretense.”

The Gargamel teams up with two of his talented sons, Markus and Jahazeil, for the first official single since his release from prison. A lot has been going on inside Buju Banton‘s camp following a fight with his son Markus Myrie, just days before the inaugural concert for his “Long Walk To Freedom Tour.” The show was a massive success and has been hailed as one of the best live concerts in Jamaica in decades. More than 30,000 fans converged on the National Stadium in Kingston to see the Grammy-winning reggae singer and friends performed.

Buju Banton has been hitting the studio all while he prepared for his extended tour of the Caribbean and Europe. From the sound of it, the Gargamel still got it. “False Pretense” was produced by Markus, who previewed the track on Instagram last week.

“This song came about from a conversation, it created a vibe, and the vibe created the music. False Pretense is about an ongoing “norm” for Jamaica’s political atmosphere that has over the years continued to spill over on the citizens of the country,” Markus said.

The producer added, “The message that should be received is that as a country we need governance that the average person living here can feel. As a people, we have been silent about a lot of mismanagement. It’s time we rid the “7 day talks” and start taking action as a people. They say we have democracy, but what we feel is dictatorship. Every party prioritizes their own benefits and not the people’s needs. In my opinion this song serves as a wake up call.”

“False Pretense” is currently available on all major streaming platforms including iTunes, Spotify, and YouTube. You can listen to the track below and leave your feedback.

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