Spice Pulls Receipts On D’Angel Offers $1 Million To End “No Worries” Beef

D’Angel Offload On Spice Says She Bleach Skin For Years Before “Black Hypocrisy” Spice

Spice pulls her receipts and offers up $1 million to anyone who can prove she is the bad guy.

Spice is defending herself from backlash from some fans who are calling her a bully. The “Black Hypocrisy” deejay went on her Instagram Live yesterday to dish on the root causes of her “No Worries” beef with D’Angel. Not only did she come with her receipts, but she is also offering $1 million to any fan or blogger who can come up with receipts proving that she initiated any beef with any other female artists.

“Me a give weh $1 million cash to anyone weh can prove say anyone a dem female in the business a me first trouble them,” she said. “And if you can prove say a me first trouble them me ago give unu a million dollars cash.”

Spice also played some voice notes that she received from D’Angel begging her to do the collaboration “No Worries.” “Mi just a beg you a date, any date inna April you can come and give half an hour, that would be a lifetime gift from yuh, mi rate yuh, mi know yuh a big top act and yuh worth millions but a me a beg you a date inna April, May, June, July, August, September to December it nuh matter, pick one of them,” the female voice in the voicenote said.

Spice also said that she used her own money to shoot the music video for “No Worries.” “Yuh never memba seh a me same one tek up mi $200,000 and give yuh fi shoot video?” Spice said.


Spice Blast Beenie Man’s Ex-Wife D’Angel Calls Her A Hypocrite

DAngel 2019

D’Angel has finally stepped forward to address Spice controversy, and she had a lot to say.

The First Lady of dancehall posted a series of video clips on social media with her hanging out on the beach while wearing her swimsuit. Firstly, D’Angel addressed the controversy surrounding her collaboration “No Worries” with Spice. According to the “Sheets” deejay, Beenie Man ex-wife blew up her phone for days to get the collaboration and then afterward ditched her.

It seems Spice is feeling salty because Angel never called her again after they dropped the collaboration. According to D’Angel, Spice was the first one who initiated the collaboration, and it took her some time to say the time is now right to do it finally. “‘No Worries’ remember when that collaboration came about you, and I weren’t even friends lady because years ago you and my ex-husband I don’t know what unnu did have, but you used it against me,” she said.
D’Angel added that Spice told her sister on more than one occasions that she wanted to collaborate with her. She then decided it’s time to do the song when she realized that female dancehall artists were beefing with each other.

In another clip, D’Angel blast Spice while calling her the real hypocrite in dancehall who bleached her skin for years. “You a come talk about black hypocrisy, do you like yourself?” D’Angel asked. “Do you like your skin color, no you don’t. You do not love yourself. How can you love others if you don’t love yourself.”
D’Angel also bashed Spice for allegedly doing some work on her body. “You don’t love yourself Miss Botch body,” she said. Spice has already responded on her Instagram Live which we will cover in another story. Should these two female dancehall artists take this beef into the studio?


Spice and D'Angel

Spice has some harsh words for her collaborator D’Angel.

Spice will not be doing any collaborations with female dancehall artists anytime soon. The “So Mi Like It” deejay offload a lot off her chest during her recent Instagram Live Q&A with her fans. One of her main targets was Beenie Man’s ex-wife D’Angel, whom she did a collaboration with last year titled “No Worries.” According to Spice, Angel blew up her phone to get the song done, but soon after the song was released, she never heard from her again.

“D’Angel called down me phone, she wan do collaboration and thing, remember unu know say nothing never did a gwan for Angel,” Spice said as her dancers looks on. “A no lie me a tell, nothing never did a gwan for Angel until me give her the song No Worries.”

Spice is also fuming at D’Angel for allowing her stylist to disrespect her on social media recently. That feud allegedly started from a separate incident involving a member of Team Spice.

Spice also has a history of beef with Beenie Man. Last year the two butt heads on social media over who is the current king and queen of dancehall.

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