Dancehall Artist Alkaline Tattooed Eyes For Attention, But Could They Be Fake?

According to the artiste in an interview, he wanted people to notice him.

"You have like 10 million artistes in Jamaica, everybody claim that they are the baddest, so I think to distinguish myself from every other entertainers, why not just tat my eyes ... everybody has their own stepping stone to success and I guess this happens to be mine. This is just something to captivate the interest of people and I think I have achieved that. Some are freaked out, but they don't need to be freaked out because I am a shock-value artiste and I bring theatrics and provocativeness to dancehall," Alkaline said to The Media.

In the mean time another aspiring dancehall artiste Mace, has pulled a similar stunt, using a Shock Value approach to get attention, like we are giving him now.

For all who dont know what shock value is please read: Shock value is the potential of an action (as a public execution), image, text, or other form of communication to provoke a reaction of sharp disgust, shock, anger, fear, or similar negative emotions.

Artistes who have used shock value are 50 Cent, Tommy Lee Sparta, Danielle D.I, Raine Seville, Destiny Sparta, Vybz Kartel, Miley Cyrus among others.

Persons are now seriously questioning if Alkaline and Mace actually tatted their eyes, since this Youtube video surfaced with a woman showing how to insert black contact lens, that can easily be mistaken for eye tattoos.

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