Gully Bop Ordered To Do Psychiatric Evaluation By Judge, Deejay Files For Divorce From Wife

DanceHall Artist Gully Bop Arrested and Charged After Beating His Wife

Gully Bop was ordered to undergo a psychiatric evaluation by a judge following his recent arrest in St. Thomas.

Gully Bop was recently tossed back into the headlines just when dancehall fans started to suggest that his career is over. Only this time it wasn’t for a viral video, but for a surprising arrest following a domestic dispute with his wife. The “Body Specialist” deejay appeared in the St Thomas Parish Court last month to answer to assault charges.

We’re told that the Parish Judge ordered Gully Bop to undergo a psychiatric evaluation following concerns about his mental state when he appeared in court. There are some allegations that Bop is again hooked on cocaine and that might have been the reason for his recent outburst on social media.

There are also some rumors claiming that Bop has filed for divorce from his wife of one year.


Gully Bop

Dancehall deejay Gully Bop was arrested and charged with assault.

Gully Bop, whose real name is Robert Malcolm, was arrested last week Friday after a woman filed a police report claiming that the deejay slapped her in the face during a domestic dispute. The alleged incident went down in Nuts River District in St. Thomas on Friday afternoon. Sources told Urban Islandz that the female and the “Wuk Off A Mi” deejay got into a heated argument over money.

Bop reportedly slapped the woman in her face and she left the scene and made a police report. Law enforcement sources say they conducted a thorough investigation and felt that they had enough information to arrest Gully Bop and charged him with assault occasioning bodily harm.

The entertainer was released from jail on a $40,000 bond and is scheduled to appear in court on June 27 to answer the charges.


Gully Bop Arrested In New York For Robbery and Domestic Violence


EXCLUSIVE footage showing Dancehall artist Gully Bop shortly after beating his wife.  The video was uploaded to LIVE - and showed the Dancehall artist's wife - calling the police.

Gully's wife was sitting on the veranda, repeated the statement and gave her location before Gully Bop approached her. She then ran into the house and he followed, “He is pulling on me now,” she continued. “Get off me Robert!,” she screamed. Gully Bop’s real name is Robert Lee Malcolm.

Here is the video

Gully is believed to have assaulted her while she was on the phone with officers.

We're told that police arrived shortly after the video cut off and took Gully into custody. The incident occurred in the Nutts River, Morant Bay section of Jamaica.

Gully Bop - a 53 years old Dancehall star who was rumored to be a drug addict, mentally ill, and homeless. - burst onto the scene when video of him rapping went viral. He eventually had multiple Dancehall hit songs.

Bop's earliest looks were two jagged, cellphone videos uploaded to Facebook, featuring a disheveled man in rags freestyling a cappella, with a quick-lipped flow that recalled formative deejays like Ninja Man and Shabba Ranks. Soon, local DJs ripped the audio and laid Bop's a cappellas over clean riddims that mimicked the minimalist, lyric-driven '80s dancehall sound Gully Bop seemed to revive with two freestyles.


Gully Bop Slaps Girlfriend A’Mari In Her Face During Epic Fight {VIDEO} Gully bop and Amari

Gully Bop found himself behind bars in New York City yesterday as his career continues a downward spiral.
The “Wuk Off A Mi” deejay was booked in NYC for robbery and domestic violence after having a dispute with girlfriend A’Mari. Sources said the deejay is still behind bars at the time of this publication and will miss a concert in Guyana.
“They had one of their usual episodes and A’Mari called the cops on him,” sources told us. “She also told cops that he took money from her and was about to leave the country.”
Gully Bop, who was scheduled to leave New York on a flight to Guyana yesterday, was booked on battery charges, a misdemeanor.
The on-again off-again couple has had a rocky relationship from the get-go with A’Mari regularly posting videos on social media bashing Gully Bop.
Back in December Gully Bop attacked his then girlfriend Shauna Chin while accusing her of infidelity. The entire ordeal was captured on video by Chin and posted online.



Gully Bop and his girlfriend/fiance A’Mari seems to be heading for a breakup. 

A’Mari has been busy posting videos on her Facebook page all day today dragging the viral dancehall deejay. In one of the videos Gully Bop seems to have enough and slapped her in her face. He tried to played it off but it seems like she was very serious.

“Back to the boring life because the man don’t take off him cloth from yesterday,” she said before telling her fans about her life living with the Bop.

Gully Bop and A’Mari have been dating for a few months now following her split from Shauna Chin. The two are rumored to be planning a wedding for this summer, but we highly doubt that will ever happen.


Gully Bop and Shauna Chin Clash At Britjam {VIDEO} Gully Bop Girlfriend And Side Chick Fighting Over Deejay


Gully Bop has his hands full right now with two women fighting over him. The viral dancehall is currently engaged to A’Mari but there is another female who has been wrecking havoc on social media. The two females are even threatening each other with physical violence.

In related news, Gully Bop is currently undergoing dental surgery in New York City to replace all his missing teeth. The entire process will take around six months for the deejay to brandish his new set of grills.

Bop also recently parted ways with his manager and is now being managed by a label owns by A’Mari.


Gully Bop and Shauna Chin Rekindles Relationship, Engagement Back On

When Shauna Chin hit the stage she took a few jabs at her ex. “I was trying to make a n**** a boss,” she said.

The viral dancehall deejay has been parading his new girlfriend A’Marie all over social media. During his set, Bop paused to take a few jabs at his ex-girlfriend Shauna Chin and her new boyfriend.

“My youth you must have ambition, yo never know say it was a madman Chin did a f***,” Bop told the crowd who erupted in laughter. 


Shauna Chin Sign New Record Deal To Drop Gully Bop Diss Song 

Gully Bop wanted that old thing back and he did. The viral dancehall deejay and his fiance Shauna Chin are back together.

Sources connected to the couple said that Bop have been hitting up Chin’s phone begging her to take him back until she give in. “He was very persistent calling her his baby and telling her sorry about everything and that he want her back,” sources said.

Shauna Chin also confirmed the news visa her Instagram page on Tuesday. “Me and Bop @ the airport just now,” she wrote.

Sources also told us that their engagement is back on but they are taking things slowly and weeding out the bad influences around them.

Bop also reinstated Shauna Chin as his official manager.


Mr. Vegas Warns Gully Bop Stop Taking Drugs Weighs In On Shauna Chin Fallout {VIDEO} 

Shauna Chin is moving on post her bitter split with Gully Bop with a new record deal.

Chin, who recently launched her own music career, has inked a new deal with U.S. based record label Diamonds Music Empire. 

“It’s a three-year deal but I can’t disclose the terms,” she said. “I just want to take my career to the next level and impact a wider audience with my music.”

Sources close to the singjay said that she is already working on a response to Gully Bop new single “Delilah.”

Shauna Chin is also not ruling out a reunion with Gully Bop says that she still would like to help his career.

The two split last week following allegations of assault and cheating.


Gully Bop Previews New Song ‘Delilah’ Shauna Chin Diss {VIDEO}

Mr. Vegas is the latest dancehall personality to weigh in on Gully Bop and Shauna Chin fallout.
Bop and Chin feud is the biggest dancehall news since the start of the new year. Things took a ugly turn for the former couple when Chin accused Bop of assaulting her and he accused her of infidelity.
Things took a drastic turn when Shauna Chin released a video accusing Gully Bop of being a crackhead hooked on drugs.
In a video posted on his social media page, Mr. Vegas urged Gully Bop to stop using drugs if the accusations are true.
“You see the things that Heavy D and Chin them talking about with that drug something… Me a beg you brother if its true sort it out because you know in that Gully cold in the night,” Mr. Vegas said.


Gully Bop Exposed Shauna Chin Says Relationship Was Fake {VIDEO}

Gully Bop and Shauna Chin are having the worst week of their careers.

Bop is on full on attack mode against his estrange ex-girlfriend Shauna Chin. The viral dancehall deejay previews a new single title “Delilah” featuring M Gee where he took some shots at Chin.

The “Street Wise” deejay and his close friend and fellow dancehall singer M Gee previewed the song on social media last night calling Chin Delilah.

The couple are going through a bitter breakup that triggered by allegations of infidelity. Earlier this week Shauna Chin shocked dancehall when she posted a video of an altercation between herself and the deejay. She says that she was in fear of her life because he is trying to kill her.

Bop calls her allegations BS saying that she was the one who attacked him and knock him in his head with a padlock.

In October Shauna Chin released her debut single “The Truth” professing her love for Gully Bop saying that she will never leave the deejay.


Shauna Chin Beat Up Gully Bop Over Cheating. {VIDEO} Did Gully Bop tried to kill his fiance Shauna Chin?

Gully Bop is on full on PR mode exposing his estrange fiance Shauna Chin.

The dancehall deejay and Chin made headlines yesterday after she posted video showing Bop trying to get into her car. She says she was in fear of her life.

But now Gully Bop is giving his side of the story, speaking with Winford Williams, Bop says that he found out that she was cheating on him.

“My head swell up and pure bite up all over my body and doctors say ot like like my skull has a crack,” the deejay said. “I wasn’t born as a killer so I couldn’t kill a woman that I am sleeping with and I wouldn’t try hurt a woman that I am trying to live with. But the fact is this is all because she slept with this guy in my house whenever she knows that I am not there.”

Gully Bop says it was another girl that was around Chin who told him about her infidelity.

Bop even went on to accused Chin of having an affair with one of her friends baby daddy.

Watch the videos below.


Gully Bop Destroys Gutty Bling And Alkaline In Drunken Rant [WATCH] 

Gully Bop has broken his silence about allegations that he tried to kill his fiance Shauna Chin.

A video surfaced online on Tuesday showing Chin in fear of her life claiming that Gully Bop is going mad and tried to kill her. Now we are finally getting the other side of the story, Gully Bop posted his own video telling his fans that he caught Chin cheating in their house and she knocked him to the ground with a padlock.
The video show Gully Bop looking dazed with blood dripping down his face. Sources close to the deejay told us that he is currently getting checked out at the hospital for possible serious head injuries.
Bop says that he was in the country performing and returned home to find Shauna Chin in their house with another man. The deejay says that they have been having problems for the last three months.
“She bring man in a my house because she think I was in the country,” Bop said.

Did dancehall deejay Gully Bop tried to kill his fiance Shauna Chin?

Gully Bop and Shauna Chin are once again in dancehall spotlight but not for their music. A video surfaced online on Tuesday of a terrifying incident between the couple.

The video shows Chin in her car breathing heavy while exclaiming that Gully Bop has gone mad and is trying to kill her.

“Him a try kill me people,” she cried. “Lord Jesus help me the man a get mad.”

Bop eventually let Shauna Chin free after relentlessly trying to get to her inside of the car.

Sources are saying that Gully Bop, whose real name is Robert Lee Malcolm, is accusing Shauna Chin of cheating.

Chin is currently managing Gully Bop’s career and has recently launched her own music career. Neither could be reached for a comment.

Gully Bop and Shauna Chin have been dating for about a year after the dancehall deejay rose to fame late last year thanks to a video of him deejaying going viral.

The couple got engaged in January of this year but since then there have been no talks of the wedding.


Gully Bop has denied beating up his girlfriend, Shauna Chin, even though a video released on the Internet shows a fleeing Chin being stalked by an enraged and bloodied Bop. 

"Mi caan beat up Chin, she beat me up. Right now, mi just lef a private hospital and walk go out to the ghetto fi talk to mi people dem. Shauna Chin a wicked, she a gold digger, but ah copper she find. She still no find the goldmine. She ah style me and a carry man go inna mi house, and pon mi bed, not mi head. It's over," he told Claude Mills of Loop Jamaica. 

Shauna Chin earlier said she was lodging a report against Gully Bop, claiming that the deejay attacked her. In the video, she alleged that "him ah try kill mi... the man get mad pon mi. Mi ah guh straight ah police station."

However, Gully Bop told Loop News that Chin hit him with a padlock and ran when he discovered her infidelity.

"Mi never lick her, she fling a padlock inna mi head, ah the biggest padlock mi ever see, ah muss one and a half pound. Then she run go inna the car. At the time, the gate was locked because is a remote gate and she run the car through it, and write off the car front," he explained. 

He added that she reversed the car, and he opened the gate so she could drive through. 

"Is like she a try run me over with the car the way she a drive, and she lick the edge of the gate and tear off the bonnet, but she drive gone still," he said. 

Gully Bop insists that the relationship with Shauna Chin is now over because of her infidelity. 

"Ah long time she ah carry man ah mi yard. She ah book show and know say mi caan go certain place in the world. Ah pure wrongs she ah do. Mi go GT show and see man inna mi clothes, mi old suit weh mi no want. Ah three months now mi and Chin no dhe...the world need fi know when Chin crash, is a man she carry go mi house and a carry go Mobay airport because too much people know her a town," the deejay whose real name is Robert Lee Malcolm, said. 

He said that he begged God to save her life but "she nuffi ramp wid God people dem".

He said that he had called her when he was close to the Price Rite supermarket close to Havendale and told her he was close by. 

"Mi tell her say mi a come up the hill, but she drive come meet me down the road, but me drive past her and go inna the yard. Mi have a Shitzu dog and it run out and ah show me where somebody just run through mi rose bush dem. Same time, she come round and lick me wid the padlock and run," he explained. 

He called her "one of the wickedest woman on the face of the Earth".


Gully Bop Talks First Overseas Tour, Cheating, New Song and performs in studio {VIDEO}

Gully Bop has no love for Gutty Bling or Alkaline at least from what we’ve seen in this video.

Bop was having a good time with some friends drinking and smoking while on tour in the UK when he launched into a rant about Gutty Bling and Alkaline.

“One big idiot boy from Jamaica bout him name Gutty Bling, I don’t even know the boy from anywhere talking about him want to manage me,” Gully Bop rant. “You want hear him a put in the paper that him drop Gully Bop like he can drop me and am not hit child. I don’t even know where in Jamaica your living.”

Gully Bop really went in on Gutty.


Gully Bop has successfully concluded his first ever overseas tour in the UK and the Caribbean.

The viral dancehall star performed in front of sold out crowds in major British cities like London and Manchester.

Speaking with Winford Williams of OnStage, Gully Bop opened up about his first overseas experience.

“When I reached on their soil I was looking to see a pretty place, clean with not even a sweetie paper on the ground but while driving I saw the trees without leaves, box drinks boxes, bottles and a lot of rubbish at the side of the road,” Bop recalled.

“Then I said wait this is not England, I am not seeing any green tree or green grass or those things… and everybody you see is just moving fast and no one saying ‘good morning sir,'” Bop added.

Gully Bop also said he got a star welcome at the airport in London. The dancehall deejay also opened up about recent rumors of him cheating on his fiancee Shauna Chin.

“I didn’t find any girl it’s the girl come and find me and that girl that found me it was just for a photo and when they take the photo they just splice another photo beside it or splice one of her old time photos and say its me and her,” Gully Bop said. “When I took the picture she wasn’t even in those cloth or showing off her body. She trying to bait me up but she can’t bait me up.”

Gully Bop also said that he recorded over 10 new songs with some British artists, as well as, some dubs.

Gully Bop also performed a new single during his appearance on OnStage last weekend.


“From the gully to the plane” this has become a slogan for the fast rising star, Gully Bop.

After returning from his three (3) weeks UK tour, Gully Bop only spent one day in Jamaica before he jetted off to his first destination for his Caribbean tour. The Bop has taken his wife with him as he tours and performs in Trinidad, Guyana, Grenada, St Martin, St Lucia, Barbados and the Cayman Islands.

With the recent acquisition of his US Visa, Gully Bop has no time to waste as immediately after his Caribbean tour he will be heading to Miami, Florida to perform at the Best of the Best Music Fest. This will be held over the Memorial Day weekend on May 24, 2015 at the Bayfront Park where he will perform alongside legends such as Beebe Man, Capleton, Sanchez, and Morgan Heritage.

When he returns to Jamaica, Gully Bop has only a few weeks before he heads back to American soil for his US tour. The dates are to be finalized but it is expected to take place beginning around the 2nd week of June.

Gully Bop is indeed correct, “from the gully to the plane”.


Up-and-coming artiste Maestro Don is now fuming after allegedly being disrespected by artiste Gully Bop at an event over the weekend.

According to Maestro Don, the incident took place at the 'Dancehall Nice Again' event in Old Harbour, when he made reference to Gully Bop's teeth during his set.

"I did a song that said 'suppose me fi tek badness to another level and kick out boy teeth mek dem look like Gully Bop'. When me a exit the stage, me hear somebody a say, 'a which likkle boy call Gully Bop name? You will lose you life'. Gully Bop disrespect me! Him need fi humble himself," Maestro Don told THE STAR.

He added that he was not looking for an apology from Gully Bop, but wanted the artiste to 'stop hyping'.

"I nah pay him no mind because me nah stoop to a mad man level. Him need fi stay inna him mad lane and humble himself. Him disrespect me. Him jump in a him ego. A music me a deal wid. When him a diss other artistes inna song, nobody nah say nutten, so why him a bring in 'lose I'm life' inna it?" Maestro Don stated.

Questioned as to whether he would work with Gully Bop in the future, Maestro Don had this to say: "No. Never. Me nah defame him ting, but Gully Bop's career is a fad. Me nah knock him ting, though, because we need people like him fi keep it exciting when dem come and do. Longevity is my aim, and that is what I'm working towards."

Maestro Don is currently gearing up to release his soon-to-be titled EP. In the meantime, his Menace To SocietyEP, along with his latest single and video, You A My Gal, are in heavy rotation. Fans of the artiste can also see him in performance on the RJR Cross Country Tour.

Efforts to contact Gully Bop or a member of his camp were unsuccessful.

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