Capleton Rape Case Bail extended, hearing now Set For July

Did Capleton Pay Rape Accuser 40K To Keep Quiet? Capleton

Capleton had his bail extended when he appeared in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court last Thursday.
The reggae/dancehall legend is currently out on a $250,000 bail while he awaits trial for a rape case. Capleton was arrested in May and charged with rape after a female filed a police report claiming that the entertainer sexually assaulted her at a hotel in Kingston on April 28. The female claimed that Capleton hired her to groom his hair at a hotel in Kingston, but when she went, he forced her to have sex with him.
Capleton denied the allegations and some sources say the female victim was trying to extort money from the reggae singer. He also filed a police report but the female complainant was never charged with a crime.
Capleton returns to court on July 13.


Capleton case

Did Capleton leaked the voicenotes from his rape accuser online?

Capleton is gearing up for a legal challenge amidst an embarrassing rape charge but he is already fighting back. We’re told that King Shango feels under siege like the justice system is against him and could put him away like Ninjaman and Vybz Kartel. Last night social media erupted into a frenzy when rumors started floating around claiming that the voicenotes were leaked online.
One of Capleton’s close friends, Biggaton, went on Instagram Live yesterday to she some light on the case. According to Biggaton, there is a conspiracy against the Capleton to extort money from him and when the victim and her co-conspirators found out that their plan wasn’t working that’s when they filed the bogus police report. Biggaton says he spoke to the deejay personally and was told that he has all the evidence stored including numerous voicenotes.
“It’s an extortion ring, they really carrying off an extortion, they want some money from him basically so that’s what cause the whole misunderstanding,” Biggaton said.

Biggaton and Capleton

Capleton’s female accuser is also claiming that she is getting death threats from Rastafarians aligned to the reggae/dancehall star. The female complainant told police officers on May 2nd that she went to groom the singer’s hair at a hotel in New Kingston on April 28 and that’s when he forced himself onto her and had sex with her against her will.
Capleton attorney, Christopher Townsend, is calling her story bogus saying that his client is a known Rastafarian who would never use a hairdresser to groom his hair. We haven’t heard any of the alleged voicenotes floating around, but we will keep you posted on this latest development in the case. Here is what Biggaton had to say after personally speaking with Capleton who is a lifelong friend of his.



Capleton rape victim claims that she is getting death threats.

Since Capleton was arrested and charged with rape last week Friday, his female accuser says she has been harassed and threatened by men aligned to the 51-year-old entertainer. The St. Mary deejay was released on bail on Monday and was barred by a judge from making any contacts with his accuser. That doesn’t mean his goons can’t make contact with her and seems that is exactly what’s happening.
We’re told that the entertainer told Urban Islandz on Wednesday that the female accuser told police officers that Capleton men have been threatening her. “First this woman tell lie say the Bobo raped her and now she is claiming that he is sending threats to kill her,” sources close to the artist said. “You can’t find a more wicked woman than this, she is doing everything to bring down the artist, but a good over evil we say.”
We’re told that Capleton is aware of the alleged threats and is making it clear that he nor anyone around him has nothing to do with it. “At the end of the day you can’t control what the fans do because Shango is a well-loved artist who do a lot of good in the community, but if there are any threats its not coming from him or any us,” our source told us.

The accuser’s name was withheld in the police report but we’re told that she is a well-known female in the community where Capleton is from. Capleton has maintained his innocence and he has evidence to prove that she is lying about what really happened on April 28 and after. His attorney, Christopher Townsend, also chided the police officers for not thoroughly investigating the report before charging his client.
Foota Hype is also claiming that Capleton paid his accuser $40,000 to get lost after he had sex with her at a hotel in New Kingston on April 28. The sound system selector turn dancehall commentator says female didn’t go away like the artist had hope and tried to extort more money from him. King Shango also made the same claim that his accuser tried to extort him and that’s when he decided to report it to the police.
Capleton returns to court on June 14th.


Capleton Speaks After Leaving Jail “I Will Continue To Do Good”

Capleton is now a free man for now but his rape case is far from over.

Since the shocking charge was laid against the reggae/dancehall icon last Friday, bits and pieces of details have been coming out about the damning allegations. Foota Hype went on his Instagram Live earlier this week where he revealed that Capleton paid his accuser $40,000 to get read of her but she didn’t go away and instead tried to extort more money from him.

In the clip, Foota Hype confirmed that Capleton did have sex with the female but it was totally consensual. Foota revealed that it was another man who introduced the female to the Rastafarian entertainer and instructed her to get money from him because he is rich.

“Me hear say a ni**a introduced her to Shango (Capleton) but I don’t know who the ni**a is,” the disc jockey said. “Shango go so boom and claat it (have sex with her) and then she start saying that she don’t feel so good… Mi hear say Shango give her $40,000 and tell her to go doctor and sort out herself.”

Foota Hype did admit that it was someone in the music industry who told him the back story. After she started demanding another $40,000 that’s when the reggae artist told her to get lost and then she started telling him that she is going to report him for rape. Capleton attorney says they have Whatsapp messages and voice notes proving the singer is telling the truth.
Capleton has maintained his innocence saying that his rape accuser is lying and he has evidence to prove it. The victim, whose name was not released, claimed that Capleton hired her to groom his hair on April 28 and she went to do it at a hotel in New Kingston and that’s when the singer raped her. She never filed a police report until May 2nd, the same day that the artist filed a report against her claiming that she is trying to extort him.
Capleton was arrested last week Friday and charged with Rape. He was released on a $250,000 bail on Monday. His next court date is set for June 14th.
Here is what Foota Hype is saying.


DanceHall Reggae artist Capleton Arrested And Charged With RapeCapleton interviewCapleton is now a free man at least for now.

King Shango was released from jail on Monday on a $250,000 bail. The reggae icon spoke with reporters outside the Half Way Tree police station. Capleton was in court for his first hearing since being charged with rape last Friday. The deejay thanks his fans for their overwhelming support over the weekend while he was behind bars. Fans from all over the world have been sending positive messages to the “Slew Dem” deejay since his arrest.
“We just want tell the fans to be strong you know what I mean,” Capleton said. “I am in good spirit and injustice is going to always be a part of thing you know what I mean. But as we say we are confident in the victory of good over evil… and this won’t let Capleton get evil I will continue to do good, blessed.”
Capleton, born Clifton Bailey, next court date is June 14th when he will learn more about the case whether or not it will go forward. Over the weekend, his lawyer Christopher Townsend chided the police department for not thoroughly investigating the allegation before pressing charges and putting the artist behind bars.
Capleton says he has evidence proving that his alleged rape victim is lying to police about what took place on April 28.
The dancehall icon issued a statement on Instagram vehemently denying that he raped the female victim. “I vehemently deny all accusations of sexual misconduct and do not condone crime or violence against women or anyone,” Capleton said. “I’m the target of an extortion scheme and my lawyers and I presented evidence to the authorities to fight this false accusation.”
“I’m an entertainer for 30+ years, blessed with a career and opportunity to tour the world, promote reggae music, help people and serve as a positive role model,” he added. “I’m also a father with daughters that understand the responsibility of a role model and would never do anything to hurt anyone or jeopardize my career.”

“I always advocate for women’s rights and empowerment through my music, company employees and charity endeavors,” Capleton said in his lengthy statement. “‘A St Mary Mi Come From’ serves as a platform for new artist to showcase their talent and gives back to hospitals, schools, community centers, youth clubs, police associations for the past 13 years. Some of these institutions are operated by remarkable women, that I respect and will continue to support. I have faith in JAH that justice will prevail and give thanks for all your support.”


Capleton was arrested and slapped with a rape charge.

Reggae legend Capleton whose real name is Clifton Bailey, is currently in police custody awaiting his first court appearance in Kingston on Monday. Cops placed the 51-year-old entertainer behind bars after conducting an investigation into a police report filed by a female last week. The woman, who is a hairdresser filed a police report on May 2 claiming that Capleton sexually assaulted her at a hotel in New Kingston.

In her police report, the unnamed female told police officers that she was contracted by the entertainer to groom his hair at the hotel in New Kingston on April 28 and that’s when he forced himself onto her and had sex with her against her will. She didn’t file the police report until May 2nd.

Capleton was interviewed by police officers on Friday (May 11th) in the presence of his attorney and detectives say they have enough evidence to arrest and charged him with rape. If he is found guilty, the artist could face 10-15 years in prison for the crime.

Capleton claimed that the alleged victim is trying to extort him and even filed a police report on May 2nd about the alleged extortion. The female victim has denied the extortion claim saying that she is the real victim in the situation.

A rep for the reggae/dancehall icon said that they are confident that he will be exonerated when the justice system gets to the bottom of the situation. “We are confident that Capleton will be exonerated when this is all over,” his rep said. “This is nothing more than someone trying to shake down a famous wealthy entertainer and if the justice system is fair then we have nothing to worry about. That’s all I am able to say about the matter at this time since it’s before the courts.”

Capleton has his first court hearing on Monday in the Home Circuit Court. The “Who Dem/Slew Dem” deejay is booked to perform at Reggae Sumfest in July of this year and now it’s unclear if that performance will still take place.


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