Destiny Sparta says positive music Nah Buss artiste!

Dancehall artiste Destiny Sparta says positive music is not getting attention in dancehall. According to the artiste signed to Tommy Lee Sparta's Guzu Musiq, positive music takes longer to blow up.

The artiste also pointed to Assassin, who she says does positive music, but is yet to receive the deserved respect from dancehall's audience.

"People nuh wah hear the good music. When mi duh positive music and put dem pon YouTube dem nah get nuh views in comparison to when I put up the slack songs. A lot of females don't get played in the dancehall and if the song don't slack yu dead fi hungry inna dancehall. Assassin is lyrical and he has the full package but still him not getting the full attention because di people dem want slack music. After yu duh the slack music and yu get the people dem attention, then you can feed them some good music," she said.

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