Did Bunny Wailer Diss Rita Marley In Open Letter To Ghana ?

Bunny Wailer strikes again.

Snoop Lion is not the only one Bunny Wailer has beef with. Rita Marley, the widow of reggae king Bob Marley, is also on Wailer’s hate list.

In the letter, written last year, the former member of the Wailers band condemn Rita Marley and music producer Chris Blackwell for opening a studio in the African country.

However, its not just Wailer’s disapproval of the studio that has everyone talking, but more so his stinging remarks about one of the most respected figure in reggae and Jamaican culture, Rita Marley.

Read the full letter below:

I am Neville Oriley Livingston C.D. appointed The Order Of Distinction, Class Of Commander from The Government of Jamaica respectively pka Bunny Wailer, survivor of The Wailers also consisting of the late Robert Nesta Marley O.M., Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductee pka Bob Marley and Winston Hubert McIntosh pka Peter Tosh respectively.

I, Bunny Wailer, am herein and hereby addressing the Government of Ghana surrounding the performances of Lord Christopher Blackwell and Rita ‘so called’ Marley respectively. Why have the strange and questionable practices of people such as Lord Christopher Blackwell and Rita presently choosing Africa to do and accomplish their filth and abominable works. In South Africa, where Rita was caught and charged for smuggling a very large diamond/precious stone of some sort in the private part of her vagina and was bailed by Lord Christopher Blackwell for approximately the sum of $28,000,000 JAD.

Presently they have both entered and ventured into another African State of Ghana where they both have again illegally engaged themselves into another dangerous violation of African laws. For both Blackwell and Rita who have presently established a Studio one Recording and distribution company without the legitimate right and permission from the present owners and administrators in Jamaica of Studio One Recording Company to do so.

It has therefore become a very serious and illegal venture surrounding Lord Christopher Blackwell and Rita respectively, therefore it is the duty and responsibility for the Government of Ghana to investigate these activities surrounding both of these people in Ghana, doing what they are, without being stopped and questioned by the Government of Ghana. I personally think that Rita should be also sent to the Government of South Africa where she is wanted for smuggling.

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