Did The Police Allow Kartel’s Gang To Murder?

The recent comments by the commissioner of police about his police force not having the will to go after Vybz Kartel’s gang on account of the backlash that could have happened should worry most of us. If nothing else, the commissioner’s comments have done nothing to discredit the view that some of us are more equal than others as far as justice is concerned.

The commissioner told us that the police had evidence that Vybz Kartel led a gang that was responsible for over 100 murders. Yet, they did nothing, as it was felt that if Kartel was arrested, the backlash from his fans would not have been nice. Is the commissioner finally confirming that his police force treats the rich differently from the poor?

We often see police officers kicking off the doors to people’s homes in search of “wanted criminals”. Why wasn’t Kartel’s door kicked off too?

I wonder if the commissioner is also admitting that if he had acted on his “intelligence” the lives of many of the “over 100″ victims of Kartel’s gang may have been saved. Some of us would interpret the commissioner’s statements as an admission of a serious dereliction of his duties in respect of his responsibilities to prevent crime.

If what the commissioner is saying is true, and for all intents and purposes it is, then some heads should roll. After all, if the commissioner can be believed, we are talking about a rich and powerful gang leader who was allowed to murder 100 people! I wonder how many other powerful gang leaders are now being “ignored” by the police?

Some system must be employed by the police that will force them to automatically go after these criminals regardless of who they are. The force may need some external entity to make such a system feasible, as, by the commissioner’s own admission, we can’t depend on the police to go after rich and powerful criminals.

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