J Amsterdam Says Alkaline's "Batty Wash" Song Is Worse Than His Oral Sex Song

Upcoming Jamaican deejay, J Amsterdam is weighing the expected backlash over his controversial debut single, Gyal Come Wine as he says local disc jocks are refusing to play the song due to its eyebrow-raising content and the taboo attached to it.

Since the song’s release last month, the buzz surrounding Gyal Come Wine has largely been restricted to YouTube, blogs and a very short-lived run of mainstream attention. According to J Amsterdam, the Jamaican music industry is not prepared for such a level of ‘freakishness’ within its circles.

"I think they don't want to play the song because they don't want to be associated with that kind of thing, and that's why so many people were going against it on Facebook,” he told the Jamaica STAR. "If DJs played it, they would get 'fire bun' and honestly, I don't think they would want to risk their career.”

Though he claims disc jocks are hypocritical and showing a double standard regarding their unwillingness to play the song, the deejay admits he misjudged the reaction that would come as a result of the song and claimed he has not done any of the things he described in his lyrics.

"I can't go anywhere right now, and I have been getting death threats,” he intimated. “I have stayed in my house for three days without going outside. I have not done the things I said in the song, I was just trying to fulfill my dreams of having a lucrative career. When I did the song I thought the freaks would have supported me, but they have not."

He even commented on Alkaline’s latest single, Touch You which contains a lyric strongly endorsing anal stimulation, saying it crossed the line.

"Alkaline is making it bad for me right now because people feel that he did the anal licking line because of me, Demarco and Ricky Carty,” he said.

“What he did in his song with one line is worse than my entire song. This did me more harm than good because I have received no bookings, not even Tiana or D'Angel want to be associated with me. Persons have to be hypocrites to survive in this industry ... Jamaica is not ready for it, and even though I said oral sex in the song, I have never performed it."

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