Kiprich Releases post Sting Dis song for Black Ryno

According to Kiprich the war was organized for him to lose after he had already prepared for somebody else.
The artiste also says he will reclaim his war title from Black Ryno who is celebrating new popularity since his Sting victory.
"Hear wah gwaan now. Big up mi fans dem to the fullest; yu win some, yu lose some. Mi give Ryno dah one ya, but next year mi a guh give him the real challenge. Yu haffi grow dem because we alone cyah duh this every year. I came out for the big guns; I was loaded, but a just suh things guh. I would have felt good if I saw Cobra come out and give the people a real show because the people wanted to see KipRich go up against a man who can put on a show. The people dem know mi capabilities already," KipRich said.
Kiprich Ryno - Can't Get Weh (Black Ryno Diss) - January 2014 

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