Pamputtae Steals Woman Husband And Brags About It In New Song

"It's something that I am experiencing. You always have the side girl who then becomes the wife, so basically a desso the thing deh. Nobody don't perfect, Pamputtae is in that situation and I am dealing with it and mi have it lock. That's why mi talk about it. Nobody don't perfect and who is dem to judge me?" Pamputtae said in a recent interview.

She sings in Husband Lock "Gyal come a dance and a talk bout she hot, a talk bout ring and a she a get the cash. A pure dutty clothes and plate she a wash, nuh pay har nuh mind cause a chat she a chat. Woi mi have yu husband lock, mi have yu husband lock.  She a call mi man tekka, sey mi a home wrecker, a nuh my fault him deal wid me better. Calm dung yu self nuh rise yu blood pressure. Get a pen and guh write Dear pastor a letter. Sorry my dear mi know sey yu hear a him a buy all a mi Brazilian hair. All when mi fly out a him pay the fare. Mi know sey yu hurt but man haffi share" she chants over a bouncing old school flavoured dancehall rhythm".

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