Producer Notnice Talks About Forgiving Kartel And Working With Alkaline

Check out Jamaican Dancehall Producer Notnice latest interview aired few days ago on TVJA. Notnice talks about Vybz Kartel and their past issues when the producer’s studio and his computer where taken and how, years later, Notnice is not forgiving missing his hard drive and his music.

Notnice knows well Vybz Kartel and so he shares his thoughts about Kartel’s incarceration, how he thinks Addi is doing in jail and the shock the producer felt because in all these years they worked together he never could see Kartel as a killer and while he’s not saying that he thought Kartel was a saint, in the same time the leaked videos were shocking to him.

Notnice keeps it real and say nuff artists are happy Vybz Kartel is gone because he was totally dominating the business to another level explaining than even now that Vybz Kartel is gone for some time they (the other artists) can’t still take over the business from World Boss, meaning he is still dominating sales, radio plays and dance floors world wide.

Apparently even talking about Alkaline, the new, young and  sensational dancehall artist currently blowing up, Kartel is still in the picture. When asked if Alkaline  learned or borrowed something from Vybz Kartel Notnice answer Yes, saying Every Artist every single one learned something from Vybz Kartel,bringing up Bounty Killer example, Bounty Killer himself learned from Shabba and Ninja Man and also that if Alkaline doesn’t want to say or admit he took a lot from Kartel nobody can force him to say so.

Last part of the interview is all about Alkaline and his eyeballs, is he wearing contact lens or he  has tattoos? Watch the full interview in the video posted below.

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Comment by Amy Peay on May 18, 2014 at 1:42am
B.s Not nice....
I Dont believe u didn't know that dark side of kartel life.


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