Vybz Kartel Slams Queen Ifrica’s Apology Request “Half Black House Lizard”

Queen Ifrica want’s Vybz Kartel to Apologize for sparking Bleaching rumours about her Queen Ifrica and Vybz Kartel beef

Vybz Kartel has clapped back at Queen Ifrica over her request for an apology.

Vybz Kartel and Queen Ifrica beef go way back from years ago when she called him out for his skin bleaching. The incarcerated deejay then suggested that she also bleached her skin. Fast forward a few years they’ve still not hashed out their differences. The reggae singer came under scrutiny once recently after Spice dropped her new single “Black Hypocrisy.” Some dancehall fans attacked her over said alleged skin bleaching, forcing her to post a video denying the allegations.
In the same clip, she called out Vybz Kartel while demanding that he apologize to her for leading his fans to attack her over a false claim of skin bleaching. Well, it turns out that she will not be getting any apology out of Kartel who took to Instagram this weekend to clap back at her.

“Dwbcl … she needs an apology from me ‘she seh’ because she said that she’s Half Black, and not bleaching dwl,” he wrote. “This House Lizard bright nuh bloodcl**t… #IFreaker PS. If ANUH a run dis a You?.”

Some of Vybz Kartel’s Gazanation fans also chimed in, triggering a fresh round of social media trolling. “Queen Ifrica we know yo a bleacher from longtime bout yo half black dwl, honey go hold a seat somewhere and leave the boss name out your mouth,” one fan wrote.

Some fans questioned why Queen Ifrica chooses to address Vybz Kartel in 2018 when he called her out for bleaching back in 2011. Nevertheless, she decided to address it now and is getting a lot of blowback from Kartel’s overprotective fans. She likely anticipated it and thus far remained silent, but given how outspoken the Queen is, it’s only a matter of time before she claps back at the critics.


A seemingly upset Queen Ifrica took to her social media page a day or so ago to Demand that jiled entertainer Vybz Kartel Apologize for associating her with skin bleaching “mi wah tell some people fi low mi out a dem bloodclaat colourism argument” sharing that she is currently going through her very own colourism issue with the fact that some people dont want to accept that she is brown.

“vybz kartel you need to put out the apology to the world enuh and tell the people dem seh yo sorry fi talk seh the queen bleach enuh, cah from yo talk seh the queen bleach a bay people a say it enuh dawg”

While puffing on a big-head splif the Queen went on to say that “unuh fi low off a mi name now with this bleaching bloodclaat arguemnt”

Ifrica also comments about being half black and getting her light skin colour from slave master which she is not happy about. The reggae Queen ended her speech by stating that she bun bleachers and people who don’t like them self “a we seh love self”.

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