Ricky Carty videos himself having sex with Woman in his music VIDEO. What is really going on in DanceHall?

Dancehall artiste Ricky Carty outshines Demarco with a new explicit {VIDEO} Has DanceHall REALLY gone to a new LOW

Dancehall artiste Ricky Carty has released a music video in which he explicitly shows himself f****** the daylight out of an unidentified woman.
According to the deejay he is an entertainer and he is simply providing entertainment.
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(Video) Has Dance Hall Hit A New Low? Outrage Over This Dancehall Artist New Video Which Is Blasted As Porn.(Nudity, Very Explicit Sexual Content 18+ Only)Ricky Carty

Dancehall artiste Ricky Carty outshines Demarco with a new explicit music video.

To be frank, this is not a music video, it is straight porn. The daring music video “Gyal Tek It” shows the deejay having sex with his female co-star.

In his attempt to explain the graphic music video, Ricky Carty says dancehall is going through a revolution.

“Ricky Carty is an entertainer and my job is to entertain, so that is what I am doing. I sing a song about sex and that is exactly what I was depicting in my video. For those who have a low IQ, I am just making their lives easier by showing them the real images.”

“Some say they don’t like it and some are saying they like the revolution. The naysayers are mostly men, but the women love it.”

The which is now posted on Vimeo, has been deleted twice by YouTube.

We won’t be posting it on CARIBBEANFEVER / FEVEREYES, but you can search Google for the video its called “Gyal Tek It.”




Just days after releasing his latest video titled 'Ride', artiste Demarco has been cut from the Youth View Awards (YVAs) performance roster.

The video, which features Demarco alongside two females who appear to be performing oral sex and other sexual acts on each other, has been described as pornography, distasteful and tacky. Still, others have hailed him as being groundbreaking and different.

Following the backlash, Demarco released a statement to THE STAR stating that the video was meant for mature audiences only.

"Amidst all the tattering (which is much ado about nothing), it is important to note that my video is intended for mature audiences only. This is explicitly stated at the beginning of the visuals, which contain nothing most 'mature' individuals have not seen or been exposed to in their lifetime. As a further precautionary measure, the video was never released via any of my official outlets (Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, etc.), but unfortunately perpetuated to social media platforms by overzealous individuals," the release read.

Demarco added that it is the responsibility of parents and guardians to safeguard minors against such offerings through proper parenting and vigilance.

"The hypocrisy of our society is so paradoxical; accusing me of lechery, yet here's the real truth - only weeks earlier I was the good Samaritan saving a woman's from the clutches of death after she cracked her skull in a severe car accident outside my studio compound. myself and my team rushed her to hospital.

"Aside from a selected few, no one saw the need to highlight this. I also donated a sizeable contribution in back-to-school supplies to various inner-city children in Kenya and Jamaica, another deed treated with utmost inattention."

Making mention of the fact that he released a song titled It's Not Right, campaigning against various atrocities committed against children with little to no media attention, Demarco stated that there are more important issues affecting our nation that need attention.

"The focus that is being thrust upon this video should be given to matters such as the disenfranchised youths of this country, the rising rate of unemployment, lack of proper infrastructure for our children to learn, squatting, the crime epidemic, among other social issues."


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