Shauna Chin says romance with Gully Bop was FAKE! Just a PR stunt

According to Shauna Chyn, her romance with Gully Bop was just for the camera as they weren't actually dating. She claims it was only a publicity stunt designed by his management team.

Chyn says the plan which was structured as a 'nothing to something' success story was going great until the 'Body Specialist' deejay wanted more out of the arrangement. She claims that Bop began to have real feelings for her and forgot it was all a show.

Shauna added that she wasn't going to speak out on their business deal however she's tired of her name getting involved with Gully Bop as the negative press is affecting her music career. Chyn says while she's flattered, for the new year she wants to be left out of Gully Bop's drama so she's now setting the record straight and revealing the truth about their previous relationship. The 'Wuk Affa Mi' deejay is currently making rounds on social media after romantic photos with his new girlfriend surfaced online last week. However while many lauded Bop, real name Robert Lee Malcolm, for finding true love once again, many Dancehall fans were adamant that Shauna Chyn was the best woman for him.

"Yo dem gyal yah just want the little money Bop have dem ago mash him up as usual. When will this fool learn that Chin [Shauna Chyn] is the best woman fi him yo?"

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