Spice Talks Dumping Fiance, Lady Saw Macka Diamond Clash & More [VIDEO] SPICE Dumps Fiance On Instagram After He Leaked Pics Of Her

Spice onstage

Spice dumping her fiance on Instagram over some leaked photos last week is the hottest new dancehall gossip since the start of the year.
But now the dancehall diva has stepped forward to explained why she did it.
Speaking with Winford Williams of OnStage, Spice says she was very furious with her fiance’s jealousy and bad judgement.
“It was just an act of jealousy, my boyfriend found some pictures and he didn’t really like it, but its pictures from my video shoot because I have a new song called “So Mi Like It,”" Spice explain.

Spice leaked photo 1

“So we did a shoot, because he is always with me, always on set, but this time he wasn’t there, so he just see this picture pop up with me and this guy,” Spice added.
Spice also shared her thoughts on the Macka Diamond and Lady Saw clash at Sting 2013.
“I don’t see that as a clash, because I don’t know why Macka went on the stage… It’s not Lady Saw kill her its she killed herself,” Spice said.
Spice also gave her piece of Sting banning D’Angel saga.
Watch the video below.


Spice and Nicholas Lall

Spice is one furious dancehall diva right now and her former fiance is to be blamed.

The “Romping Shop” deejay ended her relationship with her baby father Nicholas Lall on social media this week.

This is what Spice wrote on Instagram:

“Since as the pics bun you so much that you decide to post on your IG and FB pages, let me help you. @NicholasLall, how dare you take pics from my phone and post them up knowing they’re pics from my So Mi LikeIt video? Like, seriously, then you say you are a man? What’s in these pics to be so mad about? The worst thing about it is that we live together, so if you don’t like sumting you talk to me and don’t broadcast mi … business. Hope you know now that #ITSOVER”

These are the steamy photos at the center of the drama.

Spice dancehall leaked pics

Sources close to Spice said that Lall, who is the father of Spice two kids, searched her phone and discovered some raunchy pics.

“Him a one a dem idiot man that love search woman phone,” the source said. “Him find thepictures and instead a ask her about it him post them on Instagram. But the pics are from avideo shoot.”

The source also told us that Spice has never cheated on Lall and he knows that certain things comes with territory of her music.

“Him know say when she done work she come home to him as Grace Hamilton and not Spice, so the jealousy caught everyone off guard,” the source added.

Spice sat down for an interview with Winford Williams of OnStage this week which will be aired on CVM TV tomorrow night.

The dancehall diva will also premiered the video at the center of the drama “So Mi Like It.”

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Comment by jon glenn on January 12, 2014 at 3:24am

Spice, it goes both ways. Music video or not, jealousy is in all of us. When you have another man, holding your ass, and  getting that close to you what do you expect? if it was the other way around, you would be suspicious. Some actors in Hollywood, who are married have it in their contracts that they don't do nudity. You don't see actor Will Smith kissing on another woman or his wife Jada Pinket Smith kissing on another man, jealousy is in all of us. Remember thats your baby father, you can go out and do you, but at the end of the day, your baby father is the one you will be missing down the road.

Comment by jon glenn on January 12, 2014 at 3:28am

He should have talk to her about it, social media ruin peoples lives, thats why I don't twit or do instagram, as for facebook friends and familys only. Well at least she knows he is jealous, look how many dancehall artist, who have baby mothers, and settle down and still fool around, look at Lady Saw.

3l703cu4uuq2q Comment by 3l703cu4uuq2q on December 27, 2016 at 9:17pm


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