The Rising of a Legend – Chronixx’s Chronology Tour


I am a legend that you never heard of before
I said I am a lion but you never heard me roar
I am a hero that nobody celebrates
but if one person remembers my name
that means I made a change


What an experience!, Let me just start with a little background information on a few things for you before we trod on.
Let’s go back to the origins of Reggae Music, as this is very important to the birth of this journey, this Reggaelution that we are about to embark on. Reggae music has remained as one of the world’s few living folk music today. It’s creative and spontaneous character generates mostly from the living experiences of people, their thoughts and beliefs. The perfect platform, I believe for individualism and freedom of speech through crazy metaphors backed by one drop rhythms.
We are known to be a very emotional society, whether you want to admit it or not, and this more evident since through the birth of reggae music. We created an outlet to express these said emotions and beliefs. Don’t get me wrong, I love reggae music and what soul it resonates. We all know that there are many ‘taboo’ topics that people try to shy away from, I love that reggae music highlight those topics through conscious, positive and infectious messages. The evolution of reggae music shows that it’s not just music, but a lifestyle, a journey that takes one through multiple hills and valleys of our own truth.

Toddler Years
Welcome di general, “Likkle Chronicle”

Born, Jamar Rolando McNaughton on October 10th, 1992, known in his early days as ‘Likkle Chronicle”, son of the dancehall artiste Chronicle. Chronixx not only knew he wanted to change the world with his music and message, but his father saw that he was meant for bigger and greater things at a tender age. He was then nurtured in music by his father, bringing him to studio sessions and having him grow alongside legends like Burro Banton and Gregory Isaacs. If you know reggae, you know that growing alongside these powerful musicians was the perfect learning curve for a young legend in the making. Chronixx started his career by harmonizing for artistes like Lutan Fyah and assisting on tracks sung by Konshens, Popcaan and more.
As with many legends before us, there always lies great stories of the past that stimulated present actions. With the unfortunate passing of both his blood brother in 2007 and his brother from another mother, Lil’ JOE in 2010, Chronixx decided to let the world get a taste of his truth with the release of his first EP, “Hooked on Chronixx” in 2011. This was the start of an undoubtedly great journey towards stardom, within Jamaica and across the globe. It is without a doubt that whenever this King set his feet on a stage, thousands come flocking to get a taste of not only his conscious lyrics but also a taste of the journey of what real reggae music does to one’s soul.

Early Settins’
Now that I have given you a little background on the young legend himself, come along with me through the transcending experience of the Chronology Tour 2017.

DSC_4286 copy

So, I got to the Friday night show about 10:05pm, first of all, let me say that this experience started with a fully packed Mas Camp parking lot along with a traffic of cars waiting to get parking. Getting into the venue was not a problem, there were proper security officers placed at the entrance which I really liked, and yes people were outside anxiously waiting to get in. I enjoy going to live events not only for the music and vibe but also for the fashion and style displayed. You know we are known to not only be creative with our language but also with our sense of style, and this is a men’s fashion and lifestyle blog is it not?.

One thing to always remember that apart of going to a live show, not to mention a live reggae show, is to always be prepared to see many variations of Red, Green and Gold. I saw nothing outrageous, but more comfortable chic with the red, green and gold as more accents than anything else. I was especially pleased when I saw this. The men wore mostly their; clarks boots, loafer shoes or just a simple pair of sneakers, matched with a button down shirt or just a basic tee and jeans mostly. I saw a few Jackets and polos, but given the climate and the crowd, this was totally expected.

DSC_4179 copy

When I walked in, Protoje was already on stage with Mortimer doing “Truth & Rights”. Now let me tell you, if this is where reggae is going, sign me on. I enjoy a night filled with great lyrical content topped with great planned out show. The words of Protoje and Mortimer were just the beginning of the great entertainment to come. Clad out in a bright red trench coat, and full black button down shirt and pants underneath, we knew we could always expect comfortable, laid back but also a good sense of style from vintage feeling artiste.

DSC_4208 no logo copyDSC_4321 copy

He then later on in the show did a wardrobe change into a black mesh marina top with a black chino like pants and an oversized red and black shirt to top it all off. Mortimer went pretty basic with his outfit,sporting a button down striped shirt along with a pair of blue jeans, which worked well for the laid back environment and vibe the show brought.

“we knew we could always expect comfortable, laid back but also a good sense of style..”

Protoje continued to bring on stage the young talents rockin the airwaves now in reggae music and what to look forward to, and to tell you the truth, I am excited as ever (.. haha) as to what’s to come from these talented young souls. He brought on also Lila Ike, another young soul that proves eclectic with not only her style and fashion but also her music.

Another addition to Protoje’s set was Sevana, doing their collab “Sudden Flight” and more. Dressed in white, the gracious, yet powerful melodies of her music spread across the audience like wild fire.

What I noticed and loved about the proceedings of the show, was that the artiste features were short and spicy, made you of course want to go home after the show to continue rockin’ to these soothing but real intellectual melodies. This set the tone for a beautiful night of reggae music.

The Meat of the Matter

As the night continued, the audience was not left to idle or dwindle even for a second. Once Protoje’s was done getting the crowd comfortable and soothed with his words of truth and wisdom, ZJ Sparks lit the crowd up with a small session of her own. She reignited the crowd by touching different genres, while sprinkling her infectious personality along with it, which created an even nicer vibe. Once that ’likkle’ vibe was done, I could sense that the crowd was extremely eager to see the main act, you could taste the excitement in the air.
While this was happening, I got a glimpse of other celebrities within the crowd and backstage. Lights of Agent Sasco, Chromatic, Voicemail and more. I enjoy seeing stylish men all in one setting demanding attention with not only their outfit but also their flair, how confidently they were in their own creativity in style and fashion.
Then the scene changed with just the sound of beating of drums and voices, the stage lights dimmed… it’s almost time!

I made my way quickly to the front of the stage, eager to see this young legend that has crushed so many mountains with his message, music and journey. I was especially interested to see his sense of style live and in true colours. The first thing I saw was the colour of a black and white shoe walking unto the stage; my eyes slowly made my way up once I heard his voice. I have always admired Chronixx’s sense of style, that of comfort but of minimalistic, so I knew that his outfit would not be as they say ‘too much to handle’. The colour for the night was black and white with a hint of blue. This was pleasing to the eye and seemed very natural. Wearing an extended long sleeve mandarin collar shirt, paired with a cuffed black pants to match those same black and white shoes.
His backing band the Zinc Fence Redemption had shown their own individual sense of styles. That’s the fun thing about mixing fashion, individualism and reggae music all at once, it’s a melting pot which speaks so much about the man without him even having to say a word. The name of the game is to look nice, but to also be extremely comfortable for the long show performance sets ahead. From the guitarists, one sporting a cool brown jacket and the other with his snapback tucked neatly on the top his head with his jeans jacket, to the keyboardist and bass guitar player and drummer, it was obvious that they were all content with their outfits. The mixture of the 90’s feeling, with rock n’ roll and a touch of personality, echoed realness, truth and freedom.

“ mixing fashion, individualism and reggae music all at once, it’s a melting pot which speaks so much about the man without him even having to say a word”.

Chronixx continued his set without a wardrobe change, but the concert had you in such a trance, it didn’t even matter. The crowd would not be have been able to be away from him for even a second, even do one if he wanted to, I’m just saying. He gave us many of his old favorites like “Ain’t No Giving Up” and “Majesty” for a starters. The night was far from over when Chronixx brought on stage the likes of the original, his father and dancehall artiste Chronicle , Jah 9 and also Ravers Dancers who lit up the stage with their all famous dance moves to his new single “Likes”. Giving us a little of his free spirited and comical character, he started to bust a move with the dancers as well. He continued to give us “Black is Beautiful”, “Majesty”, while giving homage to other legends of reggae before him; Buju Banton and more.

All in all, it was a must see event that catered to every patron that went and got to go inside. A special kudos to the planning team and promotional teams. The overall fashion, style and energy of the Chronology Tour Experience was very humbling and laid back, and I do feel there needs to be more of these shows to bring forth not only great talent in music, but also a place for persons to come together to display a good sense of fashion, style and lifestyle.

Check out some of the highlights and see you on the flip side.

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