Alkaline Crush His Enemies Like A “Juggernaut” | New Music

Tommy Lee Sparta Fears For His Safety Says Arrest Cost Him 20Million Alkaline Juggernaut

Alkaline calmly crushes his enemies in his new song “Juggernaut.”

Alkaline links up with producer Johnny Wonder and Adde Instrumentals for his latest banger titled “Juggernaut.” The Vendetta boss deejays about his pain and heartbreak over the years and attributes it to the success of his career. “De pain all di fight all the hate all di lies / Turn me inna smaddy weh me love / Push em anodda time me ago sing anodda rhyme / Cut me now you cudda nuh see nuh blood,” Alkaline sings.

“Ready Up again pain and heartbreak / Supmn inna it weh me love / All a mi life experiences / Tings weh me go tru fi real / Build me up as a thug,” Alka continues. Been a good two months since we’ve heard a new song from the Young Lord, but you can always expect him to come with a banger whenever he drops. Alka has proven himself to be a hitmaker in dancehall and this track is already racking up the views.

Listen to Alkaline new song “Juggernaut” below.


Tommy Lee Sparta Lottery Scamming Case Push Back To November Tommy Lee Sparta

Tommy Lee Sparta says his recent arrest cost him more than $20 million.

Last month, the dancehall deejay found himself in police custody in an unusual way. A group of masked police officers converged on the entertainer while he was withdrawing money from an ATM in Kingston. In Jamaica, when masked officers conduct raids, it’s usually comes with death on sight because those cops only go for the most hardened criminals on the island. Tommy Lee Sparta is now saying that he is fearful for his life and the arrest has cost him millions of dollars.
Tommy Lee ended up spending a week behind bars before a judged ordered his release. Cops have yet to charge him with any crime and now his lawyers are calling for the police high command to do something about what they call a gross abuse of power.
A rep for the Mobay deejay said that he lost millions of dollars in potential earnings and had to fork out a couple more millions for lawyer fees. “We were in talks with a lot of promoters who wanted to book Tommy Lee for shows locally and overseas and now all of these talks fell through because of the arrest,” his rep said. “When you add his lawyer fees for this unconstitutional arrest we are talking about more than $20 million.”
Last year, Tommy Lee Sparta threatened to sue the Jamaican government for $20 million for violating his constitutional rights


Vybz Kartel Post Photo Of Tommy Lee Sparta & His Lawyer Leaving Jail Tommy Lee Sparta

Tommy Lee Sparta’s lottery scamming case has been pushed back once again.

Tommy Lee Sparta legal troubles are nowhere near over. The dancehall deejay was back in court on Monday for another hearing in his ongoing lottery scam case. The case was delayed because the lawyer representing Tommy Lee and his co-accused, Ernie Smith, is currently engaged in another trial in St Elizabeth. The presiding judge, Chester Stamp, was not too happy about the lawyer’s absent from court but still reluctantly pushed back the case.
“This is unsatisfactory,” the judge said. “He was absent on the last occasion and he is absent again today.” The lottery scamming case against the deejay has been going on since 2016 with no ending in sight.
Tommy Lee Sparta, born Leroy Russell, was arrested last month and held behind bars for a week before being let go without any charge. Cops say they have linked him to an organized crime ring in St. James, but the entertainer says he has nothing to do with any crimes in the parish.
The scamming trial has been set for November 14, 2018.


Tommy Lee Sparta Embarrassing Photo In Boxers Crying Leaked By Cops Tommy Lee Sparta and Tom Tavares-Finson

Vybz Kartel posted a photo of Tommy Lee Sparta and his lawyer Tom Tavares-Finson leaving jail just moments ago.
This morning, St. James Parish Judge Sandria Wong-Small ordered the police department to release Tommy Lee Sparta from their custody. A short time later, the dancehall star walked out of the Montego Bay Freeprt police station in the company of his new attorney Tom Tavares-Finson, who also represents Vybz Kartel in his murder case and his upcoming appeal.
Kartel is clearly elated about the release of his former Portmore Empire protege. “BUDUDUP! ( A #Gaza Pickney. BigUp Mr Tom Tavares Finson OH,” Kartel wrote on IG. The incarcerated deejay and Tommy Lee made peace earlier this year after years of not speaking. The two deejays had a huge fallout shortly after Kartel was arrested and charged with murder.

In January of this year, Tommy Lee Sparta made a surprised visit to GP to see Vybz Kartel. The two men reportedly had a lengthy conversation and are now on good terms thanks to Sean Kingston who was the middleman. Last week, Urban Islandz was the first outlet to report that Tommy Lee fired his previous attorney and hired Vybz Kartel lawyer Tom Tavares-Finson to represent him.
Vybz Kartel is currently awaiting his appeal trial set for July 9th.


Tommy Lee Sparta Finds Himself On Police Wanted List AGAIN
Tommy Lee SpartaAn embarrassing photo of Tommy Lee Sparta in jail in his boxers and crying goes viral.

The Guzu Musiq deejay’s legal team is fuming over the photo that was allegedly leaked online by police officers yesterday. The pic shows Tommy Lee, real name Leroy Russell, standing inside the police station wearing only his boxers and appeared to be crying. Sources told Urban Islandz that whoever took the photo and leaked it is trying to embarrass the hardcore dancehall deejay.

“They are trying to embarrass him because they can’t find anything to pin on him or charge him with so they are trying to tear down his career,” sources said. “For years they have been trying to tear down one man and when they can’t frame him for anything they are resorting to dirty tactics.”

Tommy Lee’s lawyer, Donahue Martin, says she will be writing to the commissioner of police to investigate the photo and discipline the police officer(s) behind it. “I find it very unprofessional, and we do intend to write to the relevant authorities, in particular, the commissioner of police, to ascertain why is it that this is being done while somebody is a guest of the State or in custody,” Martin said.

Tommy Lee Sparta was arrested at an ATM in St. Andrew early Sunday morning and was transferred to Montego Bay for questioning. A judge ordered the police department to release the entertainer or charge him with a crime. They say they intend to charge him.


Tommy Lee Sparta Injects Self In Mavado & Popcaan Beef

Tommy Lee Sparta is once again on police wanted list. The Guzu Music deejay was named as a person of interest by the St. James police department.

Senior Superintendent Marlon Nesbeth in charge of the St. James PD confirmed that the dancehall deejay is wanted in relation to a shooting in the volatile Flankers community over the holidays. He along with several other men were named as “person of interest” meaning police officers want to question them in relation to the incident. Some of the men listed have since reported to the police station and process, but up to the time of this publication Tommy Lee Sparta has yet to report to cops.

This marks the second time that Tommy Lee has made a wanted list over the last year. Last summer the “Spartan Angel” deejay was named a person of interest by the Kingston PD for a shooting incident in the capital city. He was questioned and released but cried fowl claiming that cops are out to get him for no apparent reasons. 

Tommy Lee Sparta has even threatened to sue the police department for unfairly targeting him and damaging his brand. 
“They were saying he is alleged to have been present in an area where shots were alleged to have been discharged,” his attorney Earnest Smith said last year in an interview. “Not that he fired any shots, not that he was in the company of the person who fired any shots or in the possession of any firearms, but that he was in the vicinity of some ‘mother’ who bathe people.”


Tommy Lee Sparta has injected himself in the ongoing beef between Mavado and Popcaan. The big question that some dancehall fans are asking, was that a good idea?

The former Gaza deejay released two diss tracks in the past couple of days “No Chance” and “Kla Kam” where he took shots at a number of artists including Mavado, Alkaline, Demarco, Busy Signal, and Jahmiel. Not surprisingly there were not shots taken at Popcaan. So is Tommy Lee defending his former labelmate?

“You nuh bad youth because you nuh have a choice / Not a berrita you cyaa meck rise / Not a skull you pop like pepper-light / Cyaa diss no man pon the Sparta side,” Tommy Lee deejay over a UIM Records-produced beat.

Perhaps Tommy Lee is trying to tell Popcaan how he should fight his own battle. “Baldhead VS the natty / Mi know seh the killy dem strappy / But you si the RPG weh you sing bout Pappy / If you couldn’t manage it go buss a shatty,” Sparta deejay.

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