Mavado’s Teenage Son Murder Trial Moves Forward, Denied Bail

Mavado Shares Photo With Adorable Daughter After Paying Homage To Son In Jail Mavado dancehall artist

Mavado’s teenage son murder trial is moving forward while the singer remains overseas.

Mavado whose real name is David Brooks, has not been in Jamaica since June of last year when he fled the island as cops issued a warrant for his arrest. Police took his son, his brother and cousin Chase Cross into custody over the shooting death of Lorenzo Thomas, also known as ‘Israel’ or ‘Trulups’ in Cassava Piece, St. Andrew. Thomas was killed at his home in the community just days after Mavado was shot in during a domestic dispute.

While the other men were eventually released from police custody, the dancehall singjay’s son was held without bail. He was jointly charged with Andre Hines for Thomas’ murder. The two men w conspiracy to commit murder, shooting with intent, illegal possession of a firearm and ammunition, and arson.

According to the police report, Thomas door was kicked in on June 5, 2018, while he was asleep. Cops say he was chopped and shot to death and later beheaded and his home set ablaze. Police say they have text message evidence linking Mavado’s son to the murder. “Memba di boss want him head,” the text message allegedly reads.

An alleged police witness also told cops that Mavado’s son was the one who gave the order to kill Thomas. The teenager’s attorney, Bert Samuels, says that the murder case was referred to the Supreme Court for trial. The teenager is currently held in a juvenile detention center in Kingston without bail.

“The problem with getting bail for him was that he came before the court with murder and three other charges,” Samuels said.

Detectives are still interested in speaking with Mavado about the case, but the singer is currently in the United States where he is a legal permanent resident


Mavado Fears His Son Could Go To Prison For Murder He Didn’t Commit

Mavado is between a rock and a hard place since he was shot at in Cassava Piece when he was visiting the island, and his son was charged for a lot of crimes including murder after he left. The police asked him to come in for questioning, but he is afraid that he could lose his life if he returns to the island.

However, it is clear that the artiste could not resist the urge to post a photo of himself and his beautiful daughter on Social Media recently as she celebrated her birthday.

The artiste has also released a new track “Dancehall Prophecy” in which he pays homage to his son who is currently behind bars for the murder that is said to be a reprisal for the shot that was fired at him in June of this year.

The Singjay has felt the need to push back at his critics who believe he has abandoned his 16- year-old son and he should do more to get him out of jail.

The Entertainer has not said anything about when he will be returning to the island as yet, and he is now an American citizen.


Was Mavado’s Son Set Up By Police? The Street Is Talking {VIDEO}

Mavado is fearful that his teenage son could go to prison for a murder he didn’t commit.

Like any parent, Mavado is in fear that law enforcement authorities in Jamaica could put his son away behind bars for a murder that he didn’t commit. Sources inside the Gullyside exclusively told Urban Islandz that the singer is prepared to fight for his son’s life to the very end. We’re told that there is a strong belief that Vado’s son is being used to make an example and to lower the singer back to Jamaica.

“We all saw how they treated Kartel and Ninjaman, they never get a fair trial, so why anyone should think that they will treat Mavado or his son any different,” our source said. “This system is biased against entertainers, and they will do anything to make an example out of artists. They can’t get the boss to pin something on him, so they are trying to pin it on his son. The whole Jamaica need to see and know what’s going on.”

Mavado is currently overseas, and there is a warrant still on the books for him to either turn himself in or be arrested. Police issued the notice from back in June, but by then the “Belt Buckle” singer had already left the island. A senior police office indicated at the time that they would seek to have Mavado extradited to Jamaica from the United States where he is a legal permanent resident.

The singjay also came under scrutiny from some of his fans after he fled Jamaica before his son got arrested and charged. Some fans accused him of being a lousy father, but we’re told that couldn’t be further from the truth. Sources told us that Mavado regularly talks to his son who is currently being housed at a juvenile detention center.
“[Mavado son name withheld] is a real soldier he is not like the average kid, so he is handling this like a champ,” sources said. “They want Vado to come back so they can kill him, we don’t trust Babylon [the police force].”
Mavado’s 16-year-old son was arrested and charged with murder, conspiracy to commit murder, arson, illegal possession of a firearm, and ammunition. Cops say he gave the order to kill Lorenza Thomas, aka Israel or Chulups. Thomas is believed to be one of the men that shot at Mavado in Cassava Piece on June 1st this year. He was shot chopped, and his body burnt a few days after the shooting incident.


Mavado’s Teenage Son Charged With Murder & Conspiracy Mavado dancehall

Mavado son is facing multiple criminal charges including murder, but was he set up by police?

Since the shocking news broke on Friday night, the street has been talking and some people with inside knowledge of what’s going on are saying that cops are using the teenager as a pawn to get Mavado back in the island. The Gullyside singer is currently overseas touring and recording music. His attorney, Tamika Harris, told cops that the dancehall star has every intention to return to Jamaica and meet with them, but after seeing the way his son is being treated, it might be harder now to get Mavado back in the island.

A few dancehall commentators including Don Mafia and Dr. Love have published videos giving their insights into what’s happening. According to Dr. Love, the police are using Mavado’s teenage son to get back at him and to possibly lower him back to the island. The singer has not indicated to law enforcement when he will return, but charges are likely pending for him.

With his son charged with murder, it’s more likely now for Mavado to return to Jamaica to give his son some support. Our Gullyside sources told us that the dancehall singer has already hired an attorney for his son who will be with him in court on Monday. Still, these allegations beg the question, how can the police department charged him with such serious crime without having any hard evidence.
The 16-year-old, who is currently locked up at a juvenile detention center, was charged with murder, conspiracy to commit murder, shooting with intent, and illegal possession of a firearm and ammunition. These are all serious charges that carry a lengthy prison sentence if he is convicted. Mavado’s cousin Chase Cross was re-arrested and charged with assault for his involvement in the domestic dispute in Cassava Piece.
According to police, the teen was involved in the murder of Lorenza Thomas who was shot and chopped to death on Tuesday (June 5). Thomas’ house was set ablaze by his killers and his body was badly burned. Mavado’s son was also charged with arson which means cops believed he was at the scene when the murder took place.


Mavado Cousin Chase Cross Arrested Again and Charged
Mavado dancehall artist

Mavado’s 16-year-old son, Dantay Brooks, has been charged with murder.

The Jamaica Constabulary Force has confirmed with Urban Islandz in a statement that they have formally brought murder charges against Mavado's son. Brooks was charged for the murder of Lorenza Thomas, aka Israel or Chulups, who was shot and killed in Cassava Piece last week Tuesday (June 5). Law enforcement sources told us that Thomas’ murder is believed to be a reprisal killing for his alleged involvement in a shooting incident involving the dancehall singer, his son, and cousin Chase Cross.

Brooks was also charged with conspiracy to commit murder, shooting with intent, and illegal possession of a firearm and ammunition. The teenager was also charged with arson which means cops thinks he was present at the scene of Thomas’ murder last Tuesday. Mavado is currently overseas, but cops still have a warrant out for him to turn himself in. Earlier this week, the police force issued a final warning to the Gullyside singer to turn himself in or else they will seek assistance from their overseas law enforcement counterpart to have him extradited back to Jamaica.

Despite the warning, Mavado has not budged and remains in the United States. His attorney, Tamika Harris, says he is currently fulfilling his contractual obligations and will return to the island to meet with cops as soon as possible.

Mavado chase cross

Mavado’s cousin, Chase Cross, has been charged with assault for his involvement in the domestic dispute that leads to the shooting incident in Cassava Piece. He is currently being held without bail and cops say they are investigating the incident to see if he has any involvement in Thomas’ murder.
Lorenza Thomas was shot, chopped and his body burned by armed men who kicked in the door to his home in Cassava Piece just three days after Mavado was shot at. Cops insist that his death is a reprisal for the shooting and they have linked the dancehall singjay’s son to the murder. It’s unclear if Mavado will be charged in connection to the incident, but cops say they want to interview him and are prepared to take measures to bring him back to Jamaica. One of the shooting suspects is currently in police custody.
Mavado was spotted in the studio this week with Vybz Kartel producer Rvssian and rapper King Kosa. The three entertainers are currently working on a collaboration


Vybz Kartel Took A Dig At Mavado Over Shooting “Don’t Run” Chase Cross

Mavado’s cousin Chase Cross was arrested again on Monday and slapped with charges relating to the shooting incident earlier this month.

Chase Cross, who is an up-and-coming dancehall artist, was taken into custody on Monday. Law enforcement sources confirmed with Urban Islandz that he was charged with assaulting the same man that Mavado got into a fight with in Cassava Piece that lead to the shooting. We’re told that Chase Cross was involved in the initial confrontation between Mavado and his alleged shooter who is now in custody.

This also means that Mavado, whose real name is David Brooks, could be charged with assault, but for now, cops say they just want to question the singer about some recent violence in the community. There is at least one reprisal killing in the area. Last week, a group of men kicked in a door to the home of Lorenza Thomas in a brutal attack. Thomas was shot, chopped and his body light on fire and cops are investigating his killing as a reprisal for the Mavado shooting incident.

Mavado’s 17-year-old son is still in police custody and cops are saying that they want to question him more about what took place in Cassava Piece. The dancehall singjay is currently overseas, but has indicated through his attorney that he will return to the island as soon as possible and meet with cops.


Vybz Kartel Reacts To Backlash From Fans For Dissing Black Women

Vybz Kartel shared his reaction to Mavado’s shooting incident.

Over the past week, Vybz Kartel fans have been trolling Mavado on social media after the Gullyside singer was shot at in Cassava Piece. The Gaza deejay, who has a “frenemy” type of relationship with Vado, has weighed in on the Gram and he is pretty much trolling the singjay just like his fans. “doooont run,” Kartel wrote on IG in a post that has since been deleted. Kartel also posted a cartoon of Mavado meeting with police officers.

After taking a jab at his longtime foe in dancehall, Vybz Kartel then urged him to be careful amidst a flare-up of violence in Cassava Piece and police wanting him for questioning. “Pon a serious not still David, be careful breda one #Alliance we a forward from,” he wrote. “Everybody claim [them] heartless but [you must] know we no trust people.”

Vybz Kartel himself is currently serving a life sentence for a murder conviction. His appeal trial is coming up next month. Mavado is preparing to face police officers who say they want to question him regarding a reprisal killing in Cassava Piece last week. His 17-year-old son, Dantay Brooks, is currently in police custody.
Yesterday, police officers issued a final warning to Mavado to turn himself in or else he could face arrest in the United States and possible extradition to Jamaica. The singer’s attorney, Tamika Harris, says she has been in contact with the artist and assured cops that he will turn himself in as soon as possible.


Vybz Kartel

Vybz Kartel has reacted to the fallout with his fans for dissing black women in a blistering post on Instagram yesterday.
Vybz Kartel has been getting backlash from his female fans after he fired off a scathing take-down of weave wearing black women on IG. The deejay made the post a day after some of his fans hate on his new white girlfriend. Some folks think that the incarcerated Gazanation boss went too far in his criticism of black women even if some fans unjustly criticized his girlfriend.
“Good night my Gaza ladies unu vex wid me but I’ll always love you,” Vybz Kartel wrote on IG. Kartel has since deleted the post that caused the backlash and promises his fans some new music but some of them have expressed their disappointment, saying they’re not interested in his music right now.
“World Boss me love yo music but you rub me the wrong way with that statement, you couldn’t have been more wrong and more ignorant, sorry but don’t want to hear your music right now,” one fan wrote.

“Kartel must be drinking some rat poison in prison or something kmt, 99.99% though like seriously where you even get that number, well you know what am 99.99% sure that I won’t be listening to your music,” another fan wrote.

Sources inside the Gaza told Urban Islandz that Vybz Kartel was angry about the way that his fans treated his girlfriend when he posted a photo of her. “You have some people on the man page who are not even real Gaza fans criticizing everything the man post,” sources said. “Anybody would be upset about the ignorant small minded comments. So you can’t blame him for pushing back it is what it is.”

Vybz Kartel case hearing scheduled for Thursday was postponed to next month, we will update you on that development.

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