Dalton Harris Interview: Says Prince was one of his biggest Inspiration, Talks Louis Tomlinson and much more [Video]

Jamaican Singer Dalton Harris Wins “The X Factor UK” 2018 {VIDEO}

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Dalton Harris Interview: Says “Louis Tomlinson said I could win X Factor” talks much more.. Watch The X Factor winner Dalton Harris reflects on when former One Direction star Louis Tomlinson told him he could win the show. Interview by Melissa Nathoo.


{“JAMAICA IS FULL OF HOMOPHOBIC HYPROCRITES” SAYS MISS KITTY} X Factor’s Dalton Harris & Brendan Murray Addresses Gay Relationship Rumors
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Jamaican singer Dalton Harris is the 2018 X Factor UK winner.

After singing his heart out in Saturday’s finals, Dalton Harris went home confident that he would be crowned the winner. The vocalist went up against Scarlett Lee and Anthony Russell in a fierce battle of the last three finalists, but in the end, he was just too good of a singer not to take home the grand prize. One of the judges asked Harris why he is not already an established act with six albums under his belt.
Dalton Harris, 24, performed Donna Hathaway’s classic “A Song For You” as the audience erupted in cheers and applause. Some fans even shedding tears as the young singer hit the high notes.
“Dalton, wow. Dalton, what an incredibly powerful performance!” X Factor judge Ayda Field said. “Look, I mean there’s not much I can say that 10,000 people aren’t saying right now… You know what Dalton, you’re already a superstar but I hope you still talk to me when you become a megastar.”
Dalton Harris marks the first time that a Jamaican singer is winning the X Factor UK, a talent show founded by Simon Cowell, who called Harris’ performance on Saturday as one of the best he has ever seen on the show.
“You hear a lot of hyperbole and all that, but in my opinion, this is up there as one of the best performances I have ever seen on this show,” Cowell said.


Watch Dalton Harris Performs Sia’s “California Dreamin” On The X Factor UK

“If mi never firm last week mi would a haffi cuss and class some people who posted derogatory and vitriolic comments about Dalton Harris.

The young man had been through a rigorous life and has not allowed his struggles and where he is coming from to define his destiny.

Persons who have been a huge supporter of the singer from 2010 will remember his feature on Digicel Rising Stars and that he was not living like he is now.

And after Winning the Digicel Rising Stars competition like most others he faded into the background, but he made his return in the British talent show THE X FACTOR.

Soon, many authentic fans and also bandwagonists Jumped on the Dalton Harris bandwagon.

The same mouths that said ‘yaaay’ are now saying ‘boo’. It is true that people are entitled to their opinion, and not everybody will agree with the way some individuals choose to live their lives.

However, when your own people can be quick to chastise, denigrate, berate and judge you without giving you the benefit of the doubt, it is sad and unfortunate.

Many Jamaicans are not homophobic, they are homo-hypocrites! The same people dem who a bun out Dalton, many of them wear brand names of gay designers an sing songs of openly gay artistes!

Many who a bun fire and a send death treats, do not do so when they are beneficiaries of homosexuality and they drink off their table in many Dancehall spaces because dem licky licky and love sweets.

Dalton is on a show called THE X FACTOR, not ‘THE SEX FACTOR’! His private life is his private business. If yuh rate the yuth for him talent rate him and move on.

Many Jamaicans have friends and also family members who are homosexual and dem nah bash dem because dem get money and likes from dem.

Mi a support Dalton’s talent to fi max, and I hope he will continue to strive and thrive in as many ways as possible. Mi want him win so the haters dem can go pile up hospital!

Dalton, big up yuh nice, clean self! The brave May fall but never yield! You’re blessed and highly favoured! Unnu two care an walk good an Mek sure unnu vote fi Dalton!


Bounty Killer Reacts To Dalton Harris Viral Photo “Looking Fafunky” Brendon Murray and Dalton Harris

X Factor UK contestants Dalton Harris and Brendon Murray have stepped forward to address their rumored gay relationship.
The Jamaican singer came under scrutiny last week from some of his supporters back home when some photos surfaced online of himself sitting in the lap of his fellow X Factor contestant. Dalton Harris came out pushing back via a video released on his social media accounts. Murray, who was sent home from the show last weekend, is now speaking out.
“I think things can be taken the wrong way… out of context,” Brendon Murray told the Sun. “People just presume.. ‘oh look they are together.'”

Harris added that he doesn’t think his critics really believe that he is gay. “But I don’t think they believe that,” he said. “They just think it’s a fun thing to do.” The Jamaican vocalist added that where he is from people always sexualized everything and that there is a lot of “toxic masculinity.”
In more positive news, Dalton Harris has secured his spot in the X Factor UK finals and is now widely viewed as the hot favorite to take home the prize after his popularity soared. The singer was voted straight into the finals over the weekend and is now gearing up for a big final showdown.


Bounty Killer and Dalton Harris

Bounty Killer shared his reaction to Dalton Harris viral photo.

Dancehall legend Bounty Killer, who was a strong supporter of Dalton Harris, says no one told him about the X Factor UK contestant’s “fafunky” behavior. Last month, Killer posted a video clip on the of the Jamaican singer performing on the X Factor while calling him a once in a generation type of talent. Now he is singing a different tune and even went as far as to delete the post amidst the backlash that the vocalist has been getting over rumors that he is gay.

“Only #brunomars I consider as vocalist when I listened to Dalton ppl other folks are doing Music too yes but he is doing Music that’s just what he does it’s a musical/magical ritual thing I think exceptionally different it’s something that comes once in every few generation,” Bounty said last month.

After being called out by Vloggers on social media for his strong support of Dalton Harris amidst the accusation, Bounty Killer had this to say. “Totally looking fafunky and none of us was aware of these actions or behavior before we posted him but funny thing how no vloggers never respond about the post or his musical skills,” he wrote.

On a side note, Dalton Harris has since addressed the rumors saying he is not gay but has no problem hugging or sitting in another man’s lap.


Dalton Harris

Dalton Harris performs a powerful rendition of Sia’s hit “California Dreamin” on The X Factor UK.

Jamaican singing sensation Dalton Harris cruises into the top ten finalists of The X Factor UK last week and is now among the front-runners to win this year’s season of the hugely popular talent show. The singer, who won Digicel Rising Stars in 2010, surprised the judges and audience of The X Factor UK with his raw natural talent. Last night he came out with a powerful performance of Sia’s 2015 hit single “California Dreamin” from the San Andreas soundtrack.

Harris once again earned praises from the shows creator and notoriously tough judge, Simon Cowell. “Dalton, you are literally killing it every week,” Cowell said. “I mean you were amazing week 1, week 2 — this is probably the best you’ve sounded so far. And I was thinking while I was watching this, it was almost like maybe you needed this platform but, trust me, we needed you on the show because this is what it’s all about… I mean stunning.”

Dalton Harris is looking to advance to the next round which will put him one step closer to being crowned The X Factor UK champion 2018.

Watch the performance below.

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