Beenie Man Building A Church In Waterhouse

Beenie Man Suing Dancehall Artiste Pamputtae For Defamation Over Assault Claim Beenie Man 2019

Beenie Man is building and church and a library in Waterhouse.

The dancehall icon is spending his own money to rebuild a church and a library in his community. Been Man, who grew up in Waterhouse in St Andrew, is giving back to the place that he once called home in a major way. The deejay says his faith is now Rastafarian, but the church still holds a special place in his heart because he used to attend church as a child growing up regularly.

Beenie, whose real name is Anthony Moses Davis, is making it clear that he isn’t building the church because he is becoming a Christian, but is doing it as his way to give back to the community. The deejay revealed that the historic Ethiopian Orthodox Church holds a special place in his heart.

“Mi love God in every way, and mi will praise him in every name,” Beenie said. “It is not about Christianity, and I’m not trying to baptize. Selassie nuh need fi do that. You see true my mother a Christian and everybody know, but my church is the Ethiopian Orthodox Church.”

The dancehall legend noted that the church is being built in the most violent part of Waterhouse, at Unity Lane off Balcombe Drive. “The only thing left to go on now is the top, but mi did a plan to put a library on the top because it is a community church and the youth dem need something to do,” he continues.

Beenie Man revealed that the church would’ve been already completed, but members of the community stole some of the construction material in an area where it was stored. Some $2.4 million is already spent on the construction in labor and material, and another $4 million is needed for the completion.


Beenie Man “A Woman Beater” Female Dancehall Artist Pamputtae Claims He Attacked Her
Beenie Man is suing Pamputtae for defamation.

it was reported yesterday that Pamputtae accused dancehall icon Beenie Man of being a “woman beater.” In the middle of her performance at Ann-Marie Vaz’s birthday bash in Portland last weekend, the female dancehall deejay paused to tell the large crowd that Beenie recently attacked her with a stool at a recording studio because she didn’t acknowledge him after hailing everyone else there. The Doc’s attorney has refuted the claims and threatened to file a lawsuit against Pamputtae.

“We understand that statement to be completely false,” Beenie’s attorney said in a statement sent to Urban Islandz. “There are several witnesses who have challenged her account of the interaction. Furthermore, we understand this is not the first time that Miss Eveana ‘Pamputtae’ Henry has uttered false statements against our client.”

The deejay’s legal team added that they want a full retraction from Pamputtae because her accusations rise to the level of defamation. “We believe that Miss Henry’s statements rise to the level of defamation, and as such, will be seeking to recover damages should a full retraction not be forthcoming,” the attorney said.

Despite the strong push back from Beenie Man’s camp, Pamputtae is insisting that the deejay attacked her with a stool three weeks ago. She also said that she would not be commenting on the situation any further, but it’s clear that no retraction or apology will come from her. We’re also told that Beenie has instructed his legal team to explore all legal avenue against her.


Beenie Man

Did Beenie Man attack female dancehall artist Pamputtae?

If what she is saying is true then this is some serious allegations against Beenie Man. Pamputtae was performing at the Ann-Marie Vaz’s birthday bash in Portland last weekend. The event was hosted as a free stage show for supporters of the Jamaica Labour Party East Portland candidate for Member of Parliament. A slew of artists performed including Masicka and Munga Honorable. In the middle of her set, Pamputtae told the crowd about a running she had with Beenie.

“Me no like the man dem who quick fi beat woman because you want give me bun and you can’t take back bun,” the female dancehall deejay told the crowd. “Listen me people around three weeks ago Beenie Man draw stool fi lick me down for no reason at all, because true me hail everyone in the studio and never hail him. Because true me hail everybody in a the studio and never hail him. If it was a man him wouldn’t draw the stool to lick the man, but true me a woman, but me leave Beenie Man to time.”

The dancehall icon and Pamputtae have been beefing since 2017 when the two had a confrontation at Ghetto Splash in Kingston. The female deejay accused Beenie Man and the promoters of barring her performance at the event. The Doc addressed the allegations saying that it was simply his time to perform, so he did just that. Watch the video clip below to see what went down at the show last weekend.

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