despite both players and referees have to dissuade still attempts

Garnett because of fighting in the first quarter and Dwight Howard even two technical fouls were one by one. Nets continue Plumley started. Visit the rockets started well, Trevor feels a pretty good two-pointers, including a 4 minute, Beverley and Haddon were also thrown into three points, they took a 21-14 lead. First there is 7 minutes and 53Second conflict between Garnett and Howard under the basket, Garnett threw the ball to Howard, Howard a defiant fist fight back, after two separate and Garnett even commit  nike zoom vapor 9.5 tour uk ousted two meter, Howard get a technical foul. Post-conflict General Lumley break dunk, Bogdanovich 3 ratings success, the nets quickly put the score close. After both sides had a few minutes, the rockets remain, successful 3 Mark Haddon, rockets first war in 37-28 a 9-point lead. Harden the section has recorded 15 minutes, Jack scored 10 points in this section.

After the beginning of the second section, both sides are still tug, Smith led the team to keep up, Competitions to first 4 minute, Howard collided with Kevin Garnett in the attack, which complained to the referee at the same time push Howard. "Wow" is right behind back Garnett. Unexpectedly Kevin Garnett more reactive, not only did he put in the hands of basketballs thrown at Howard, and gave the nike mid blazer womens top of the head to the other side. Howard the regardless of whether Garnett at the moment their idol, a right-handed swing hit "old and" neck. 38Garnett really blew up the age, despite both players and referees have to dissuade still attempts to rush to retaliate against Howard. Final judge by video replay judge, Garnett fouled Howard and Garnett each eat one after technical fouls and Garnett both crime and punishment are ejected directly. Howard then emotions have

also been affected, the powerful striker only scored 8 points, fortunately, rocket heart harden played steady, scoring 30 points, 6 assists, helping the team achieve a four-game winning streak, while the nets are ruining the Senior General, suffered six defeats. Flames yesterday by the NBA, NBA regular season Brooklyn nets 99:113 lost to the Houston Rockets at Staples Center, add section chief was expelled from the field. Rockets-nets game is fierce from the outset. 7 minutes 53 seconds left in the first quarter, and Howard and Garnett when physical contact occurs and Garnett complained to referee at the same time push Howard. "Wow" to be outdone, then pushed back to a handful. This action clearly infuriated Kevin Garnett, who threw the ball to Howard, and past on her forehead to the other person's face. Howard also wants to lose out a punch at Kevin Garnett's neck. At

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