Vybz Kartel Says Rubbish To Ninja Man Claims Of 3Million Payment To Save His LIfe

Did Vybz Kartel Pay Ninja Man 3Million To Squash Beef {VIDEO}

Vybz Kartel

Vybz Kartel is denying that he ever paid Ninja Man $3 million for squashing their beef and saving his life.
The dancehall legend made the shocking revelation in one of his recent video rants while weighing in on the recent controversy involving Lisa Hanna and Vybz Kartel. DHH sources inside Gaza told us that the incarcerated deejay says nothing could be further from the truth.
“Addi (Vybz Kartel) told me point blank that nothing could be further from the truth,” sources said. “He said there was no $3 million payment, at least not from him. He did say they met and squash the feud but there was no negotiation regarding payment for anything.”
Our sources also said that Vybz Kartel remains a fan of Ninja Man and the two never had any more issues over the years, but any talks of a settlement offer to squash their previous beef are bogus. Ninja Man is adamant that it cost the self-proclaim Worl’Boss $3 million to spill a few drops of blood from his nose after Kartel and his entourage attacked him on stage at Sting 2003.


No Evidence Vybz Kartel Recording Music In Prison Commissioner of Corrections Confirms

Vybz Kartel had to paid Ninja Man $3 million to squash their beef, according to the Don Gorgon.
In one of his recent Vlogs, Ninja Man made a revelation that Vybz Kartel and his associates had to dip in their pockets and fork over $3 million for leaving him with a bloody nose during a fight at Sting 2003. For those of you too young to remember the showdown you can watch the video below.
Ninja Man says that after Vybz Kartel attacked him on stage at Sting, things were about to get crazy and that’s when the commissioner of police stepped in and held a meeting at Wyndham where they cut a deal for $3 million to squash everything. Ninja also said he previously saved Kartel’s life in England and also had to save his life in Jamaica after he attacked him.
There were a lot of reports that Vybz Kartel was shot and killed in the days following Sting in 2003, but those reports were false. So perhaps Ninja Man is telling the truth that the Gaza Boss had to fork over some big bucks to save his life.


Vybz Kartel: Broadcasting Commission Says No Law Broken In Airing Music

There is no evidence that Vybz Kartel is recording music in prison, at least that is what the head of the Commissioner of Corrections, Ina Hunter confirms.
Vybz Kartel has been under intense scrutiny over the last few weeks over allegations that he is recording music in prison. The debate received new attention when politician Lisa Hanna publicly stated that she want Vybz Kartel music to be banned from the airwaves because of his murder conviction.

It would possibly be a crime if the World Boss is recording music in prison, and that is also a claim that he and his attorney has vehemently denied. Additionally, Hunter says that there is no evidence to suggest that the dancehall star is recording behind bars. She did admit that there is an ongoing investigation into the matter and the findings will be made public.

Part of the investigation involves some correctional officers doing a lie detector test. There will also be regular searches of the cell blocks and transfer of some correctional officers. 
Vybz Kartel, who is currently serving a life sentence, was transferred from the Horizon Remand Center in November to the Tower Street Adult Correctional Service, also known as GP.


Ban Vybz Kartel Music From Airwaves Says Lisa HannaVybz Kartel

The Broadcasting Commission has weighed in on the controversy surrounding Lisa Hanna and Vybz cartel.
Social media is still in an uproar after the beauty queen turn politician called for a ban on Vybz Kartel’s music from public airwaves including radio and TV simply because he was convicted of murder. Dancehall fans are pushing back against her statement and now the agency responsible for airwaves is weighing in.
In a press release to the media, the Broadcasting Commission says that there are no laws preventing Vybz Kartel from putting out new music and airing them on the airwaves. The agency points to the correctional service as the body who determine whether or not the deejay records music. “To be clear, as it concerns convicts, their privilege or ability to create music whilst incarcerated is governed by correctional rule,” the statement reads.
The Commission also revealed that they met with officials from the Ministry of National Security and Commissioner of Corrections in July last year to discuss the issue of Vybz Kartel alleged recording music in prison. The correctional department then indicated the matter was under investigation. 
Lisa Hanna reignited the debate this week and so far we’ve not heard from Vybz Kartel’s team.


Vybz Kartel, Konshens & Sean Paul Makes “Power Move” 

Lisa Hanna has a bone to pick with Vybz Kartel and is calling for the deejay’s music to be banned from the Jamaican airwaves, radios in particular.
Hanna, who is a former Miss World turn politician, has serious issues with Vybz Kartel music being played on the airwaves despite being behind bars for a murder conviction. ”If you are convicted until you are not convicted perhaps it is your music needs not be played on the radio,” the Member of Parliament said.
Lisa Hanna not only wants the deejay’s music to stop playing on radios but also want authorities to get to the bottom of why he is still releasing new music despite being in prison. She a drew contrast to Buju Banton who is currently incarcerated in the United States and has not release any new music since his incarceration. “I think we need to get to the root cause of that, we need to find out how the songs are being made, how they are getting out, is their corruption in the prison system,” she said. 
Pretty much if it was up to Hanna, Vybz Kartel’s career would be over, but unfortunately for her, most of the music is not being consumed on radios anymore and it’s hard to tell a public entity not to make available music from a particular artist who is hugely popular.
Vybz Kartel fans are currently going in on her on social media telling her to leave the artist alone. This is the second time a politician is feeling the heat from dancehall fans this week for comments they made related to the genre. Last weekend Jamaica’s Prime Minister Andrew Holness said that daggering in dancehall is among the root causes of violence in the country.
Do you think dancehall is under attack from politicians?


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