Final session began after the two teams continued to seesaw

 three points and Williams break points, the Raptors a 12-point lead at the end of the first quarter to 32-20. Walansiyounasi single got 14Points. Pistons second section even after 4 minutes, the Raptors are doing well off the bench, John a Vasquez in three points, Williams ' jumper, raptors with 39-26 a 13-point lead. Two teams to play in the next game as attack several times, Jennings began to play Frodo, he had 5 points on the team to 42-47, walansiyounasi hook hit twice, the Raptors hold situation.  air jordan 6 retro uk Each score, before halftime Williams suddenly opened fire, even 5 minutes, halftime raptors with 60-48 a 12-point lead. Walansiyounasi of the Raptors had 22 points and 10 rebounds in the first half, Williams had 11 points, rose had 10 points and Raptors Jennings scored 14 points and 4 assists, Monroe scored 13 points. Jennings remain aggressive after the beginning of the third

quarter, he scored 7 points, Xin Gelei also hit three minutes, they led the team to a 15-6 start to the counter, the Pistons to 63-66. James Johnson free throws two balls, and Monroe of second attack to score under the basket, and Ross were called for a technical foul, and Monroe Jennings each scored a goal and fourth quarter have Pistons 67-68 down with 6 minutes 15 seconds 1. The Raptors put on Williams after a pause, he scored running jumper, Jennings kept attacking even for 5 minutes, Xin Gelei also hit air jordan 4 retro uk three-point, round 10-3 run for the Pistons in the third quarter, there 77-73 a 4-point lead with 3 minutes 10 seconds. The Raptors offense late in the third quarter picked up, Williams and James Patterson-Johnson each had two points, they have 6-1 run ended the third quarter, the Raptors led 83-82 1Points. Final session began after the two teams continued to seesaw,

Meeks jumper on two occasions, the Pistons back to 98. Luolilian voted to take the penalty with 4 points after the 100 flat and Jennings responded 5 minutes, piston with 2 minutes 55 seconds in the fourth quarter to a 105-104 a 1-point lead. Walansiyounasi successful putbacks, Pistons jieleibuke suddenly feels after a pause, his jumper on two occasions, Amir Johnson successful putbacks, fourth quarter with 1 minute 10 seconds remaining raptors 108-109 down 1 point. Meeks found touch, left-wing vote in three minutes, 53.9 seconds in the fourth quarter when the Pistons took a 112-108 lead. The Raptors after a pause, Lorie three-point shot back, pop three points do not, break jumper Los, pop you get the rebound, the Raptors only foul tactics. Pop with two free throws in the fourth quarter and 6.Pistons took a 114-111 lead with 6 seconds 3. Lori Ball, Jennings, stealing the

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