In self-help literature, it is normally said that "What the mind can see, can be achieved." Thus, all one needs to do is to have an image of something attainable and little else is necessary to make the results come about. This is most often true in social interactions, but does require some modification when it comes to fitness.

Imaging is one of the most powerful Primal sleep Review  motivators in human behavior. Not much is known about it academically, but those who practice it regularly attest to its power. When it comes to fitness, it is the difference between staying at it, or giving up before results are ever possible.

The typical phenomenon is always with us: we start out with the best of intentions, but quit within three months. The prototype is the start of the year at the health club with us quitting by the middle of March. This is a common phenomenon, which will occur this coming January as well as in 2013. Why does this happen?

There are numerous reasons, to be sure. But, one of the biggest may be the image of how we will look after one or two months. Many of us refuse to even admit that we have on image like this, as it seems impossible to make such a prediction. Nevertheless, it can be argued that those of us who refuse, still actually do have one buried deep within. This unacknowledged image determines the outcome of all of our attempts to stay at a regular fitness routine.

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