Spice Puts Fan On Blast For Making False Claims Against Her Clothing Line

Love & Hip Hop ATL: Spice Shares Pic Kissing Her New Boo, Launch Clothing Brand

Queen of the Dancehall, Spice is not tolerating haters who want to see her fail. The Dancehall Diva has recently put an Instagram follower on blast for negatively criticizing the new fashion line she established called “Graci Noir”.

In a comment, the fan posted that the clothes were not good as her mother got one and it was not comfortable and it shrunk when it was washed in the machine. The angry follower also went ahead and encouraged other people to save their money as the quality of the clothing is not worth it.

Spice did not hesitate to respond to the follower by stating that her mother must be a ghost who is doing her shipping as the “Boom Boom” artiste said that she has not even shipped out one of the products as yet.

In the caption of the post, Spice said that she did not want anybody to tell her to be the bigger person as in this case she was the smaller one.

Spice also told the angry commenter comedically that since she brought her mother into the situation, both of them should bite her.

The Queen told her fans that she had to make the post to show how people can be “wicked” in life as she has not begun her shipping process as yet but is already being falsely criticized.


Spice has a new boo.

Female deejay Spice has proven she’s not only the Queen of the Dancehall but also marketing her many ventures and projects. That’s the reason why fans are now hesitant in their speculation on whether or not the mystery man seen kissing her in a viral picture is her new beau. Spice is gifted not just musically but at pulling convincing publicity stunts, and this wouldn’t be the first time fans were led on about her love life.

She teased a series of provocative photos for the premiere of her sultry single “Mine” last year, keeping fans fooled until the big reveal. The blue-haired diva is no doubt aware of the viral image, and we know she’s not one to mince words or ever hesitate to clear her name. For now, fans, followers, and trolls alike are on edge and on the lookout for what she could be up to next, besides her new clothing line, Graci Noir.

Spice is one artist we can depend on to secure the bag, and she’s been making nonstop major moves even as lockdowns loom. From hosting an all blue birthday bash to her recent performance in New Jersey, the “Cool It” deejay is known to show out when in work mode and is just as ruthless about her personal life. Since her public breakup with Nicholas Lall in 2014, Spice has been particularly secretive about who she’s dating.

The Love and Hip Hop Atlanta star also announced her new clothing brand, Graci Noir. “I decided to start my own clothing brand called “GRACI NOIR” @gracinoir as many of know I’ve had stores across Jamaica called Spicey couture over the last decade, however online is now the new lifestyle and it’s easier to reach my fans across the world,” Spice wrote on Instagram.

Now Spice’s fans are divided, as the new photo, taken the same day as Spice’s Jersey show, looks too cozy to be a bluff. She’s seen in the tight embrace of Justin Budd, and the two appear to be kissing while his hands rest on her buttocks. Budd is the CEO and Director of Photography at JBudd Media Inc. based in Atlanta, Georgia. The image has been posted across several outlets since Monday, but as Spice has yet to respond, fans have come to their own conclusions.

One fan quipped, “Unuh gwaan follo up this then boom unuh hear seh a publicity stunt… Like unuh neva heard of Spice while another chimed in, “Unu well invest inna celeb rel eeeh??? Massa God shia human being n she have man, cant this be over with??? Let the lady be man”.

For the most part, fans are still in awe of Spice’s legendary trolling tactics, which previously included convincing her fans she’s bleached her skin, only to realize it was coordinated to highlight colorism for her single, “Black Hypocrisy”. Another fan said of Spice’s ‘secret lover’, “We cannot take spice serious more while enuh cah gooda 1 music video this she kno she like fi trick wi”.

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