Nadine Sutherland Celebrates 40 years in Music

nadine sutherland

She coughs and checks herself each morning and calls her loved ones to see if everyone is fine and then does social distancing as she tries to go on.

She remembers starting her career by winning a Tastee competition and that gave her the opportunity to start working with Bob Marley, Rita Marley and Peter Tosh which was fascinating for her. “Action not a Bag a mout” her song with Terro fabulous gave her career another big boost also.

Doing Rising Stars was also a good thing for her, after so many years in the business she feels good to be doing interviews and putting out new songs, it has made her feel energized.

Sutherland says the music business can be extremely hard, and people had put it in her head, that her time in music was done, but her destiny was written and music gave her everything she has. She owns her status as a recording artiste and she feels good about it. She also believes Jamaicans don’t know how to build on what they have and others have been coming and taking it away.

She was at the University of the West Indies studying and now she says, if she is a ‘has been’ she is an educated has been. 

Chatty-Chatty is the name of her new song and she is working with her crew as she is showing that life still goes on. Her team has been very excited about it and when they believe it is time to release it, it will be released. The video is being shot and Chas Records will be distributing her music, she is working with her old crew

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