RJRGLEANER Shocked At Beenie Man's Inflammatory Comments Against Radio Manager

The following is a statement from the RJRGLEANER Communications Group:

The RJRGLEANER Communications Group is shocked and disturbed by statements made by popular dancehall deejay Moses 'Beenie Man' Davis calling for the "killing" of Dr Dennis Howard, general manager of radio services in our Group. In addressing an audience at what appeared to be a party, Davis then adjusted his statement to say that what he meant was the killing of Dr Howard's career and advocated his firing from the RJRGLEANER Group.

In the statement, now being circulated in social media, the deejay criticises Howard for dancehall music not being played on one of the Group's radio stations, Hitz 92FM, and refers to two persons leaving the station under the instigation of Howard. The Group wishes to state categorically that the persons in question both resigned their positions with the station and were not asked to do so.

Under these circumstances, the RJRGLEANER Group has no choice but to bring the matter to the attention of the Police High Command to assist Dr Howard in improving his security and the Group will assist Dr Howard with any legal support that he requires.

The Group is amazed by the action of the deejay who, in the same statement, listed other stations under Howard's management that continued to play dancehall music.




These statements are highly disrespectful and discourteous to the entire RJRGLEANER Communications Group, which is seeking to continue to serve the public of Jamaica on multiple media platforms. Mr Davis is being called upon to retract these offensive and inflammatory statements.

The RJRGLEANER Group wishes to make it clear that Dr Howard has been implementing a policy position of streamlining our radio stations' programming and content, which has the full support of management and the Board.

In that process, HITZ 92FM has been earmarked as the station that lives up to its name as the station for reggae and sports. FAME FM has been earmarked as the station for entertainment and party music, including dancehall music. RJR 94FM will continue to carry a wide range of music, including dancehall music.

It must be noted that several other stations in Jamaica, by their format, do not play dancehall music and, therefore, this targeting of Howard with regard to changes on HITZ 92 FM is of serious concern.

Due to many complaints from listeners, as well as the sanctioning of some of our stations in the past, including HITZ 92FM, the Company has to live up to the expectations of its licence by clearly determining which station airs what content on an approved and streamlined basis.

We are heartened by the fact that the Group has been receiving commendations and support for the improved streamlining of the output of our radio stations.

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