Shaneil Muir Joins Growing List Of Jamaican Artistes Catching Flak For Packed Concerts

How seriously are Jamaican artistes taking protocols aimed at preventing the spread of COVID-19?

By all indications, not seriously enough.

Dancehall artiste Shaneil Muir joins a growing list of acts who have performed at concert venues that are packed to capacity.

Muir’s most recent performance in Atlanta on Sunday (November 15) is the latest event to raise eyebrows about the matter.

The Yamabella hit-maker took to the stage at Tephlon’s birthday party at the Premier Restaurant and Lounge to a largely mask-less crowd, who were not maintaining the social distance of 6ft.

At least one industry insider, who wants to remain anonymous, has come to say that while he understands that at a price of $ USD 35 a head, it may be financially lucrative to pack venues, it comes with consequences.

While the industry insider acknowledges that the rules vary from state to state, with no real consensus, noting that most protocols are at this time recommendations and not mandatory, the insider said it would bode well for artiste to at minimum start encouraging their fans to adhere to them

“Get markers in the club or something, maybe try marking out sections on a rope and getting patrons to hold on to it. Start getting use to adhering to these protocols because there may be hefty fines for breaching them in future and what’s more a disregard for them could tarnish your brand, and brand Jamaica,” said the industry insider.

“You don’t want Jamaican artiste earning a bad rep, plus we want the place to free up,” he added.

The insider further added that artiste should also desist from posting the images from these events on social media, noting that they ” help to give away themselves”.

Most recently dancehall’s princess Shenseea headlined a concert in Wynwood, Florida which was slammed by US media as a “super spreader event”.

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