Shenseea Says Vocal Cord Trauma Is Behind Her Recent Illness, Says Her Career In Danger

Shenseea Shot Down Reports She Dated Rvssian For Rolex Shenseea

Shenseea has stepped forward to address the circumstances behind her recent illness and stress.

The dancehall diva has canceled a few shows recently, and now she is announcing that she is canceling some more tour dates due to a vocal cord trauma. Her shows in London and Birmingham are two that were put on the chopping block. Last week Shenseea confirmed that she has been dealing with an unnamed illness and caused her to be stress, but this is the first time that she is revealing the nature of it.

“So this is my reason for my continuous stress,” she wrote. “ATM i’m suffering from Vocal Cord Trauma. Haven’t been able to record a song in 4 weeks and because i been non stop pushing it my voice started to fail me whilst on stage performing cuz i really wasn’t taking it seriously. I really don’t wanna get to the point where i have to do surgery or lose my voice completely so I have no choice but to be canceling some of my shows.”

“Unfortunately London and Birmingham are 2 of the locations, sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused cuz I too am disappointed,” Shenseea added. “I would work all the time if i could but my voice will not let me continue so i’m being forced to rest… I’ve never missed/canceled a show and i honestly ask my supporters to pray for me because this has been going on way too long now.

The “ShenYeng Anthem” deejay has been getting a lot of support from her fans and peers in dancehall including Spice who left a supportive comment on her post. “God is in control I’ll keep you in my prayers you soon get better Goodie,” Spice wrote.


Shenseea and Rvssian rolex

Shenseea says her hard work is what earned her a Rolex watch gift from producer Rvssian.

The “Shenyeng Anthem” deejay has stepped forward to address rumors that she gave up the goods to Rvssian for a Rolex watch. Shenseea posted a video on her Instagram showcasing the iced out Rolex. “Si weh hard work do!? me BLESSED and too GRATEFUL fi roll vex, now me a get rolex and big cheques thanks @rvssian,” she wrote.

Some dancehall fans started accusing her of having sex with Rvssian and cheating on her rumored boyfriend, Romeich Major. “Shenseea start f*** man fi Rolex now? I can see the expression on Romeich face lol,” one fan wrote.

Shenseea later posted a meme responding to her critics. “How SAD is this? ONLY JAMAICANS feel ya fi f*** fi reach somewhere ina life,” she wrote. “Y’all always tryna put successful women down.. That’s why God na stop bless me he knows I’m passionate about my music and work hard wid a clean heart. Rolex a bun unu? Just wait fi see wa come next.”

Sources told Urban Islandz that Rvssian gave Shenseea the expensive watch as a gift for being a good friend and collaborator. We’re told that the producer and the female deejay have been friends from the beginning of her career and he has been like a mentor to her on her rise in dancehall.

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