sports brand only "with the disease," but the root cause ---

traditional industries "money machine", of which two major brands Anta and Peak recently but both lit up "red." Recently, ANTA Sports announced the latest quarter the amount of orders and sales in the first quarter. The report shows that in the fourth quarter 2012 sales of Anta upcoming product orders amount appeared low double-digit percentage declines, affected by ANTA 2012 annual order amount is also expected to have a high percentage of the magnitude of decline in the number of units. Similarly, the amount of orders in the fourth quarter, another domestic sports brand in the Hong Kong stock market is also not the Olympic ideal, down 20% -30%. It is understood that the two started in Fujian sports brand only "with the disease," but the root cause ---

The same excess inventory occupy channel resources, which also affected the confidence of dealers. Anta dealers declining demand did not disclose the specific amount of margin in the fourth quarter orders fell, but according to its description, at least more than 10%. In addition, Anta also adjusted third-quarter orders have not yet produced, resulting in 2012 full In order value declined by high adidas 11pro trx fg percentage of the number of units. Looking back on this year's orders will Anta "report card", the amount of the first quarter of 2012 grew by 15%, but the third quarter, the situation was reversed, becomes "high single-digit percentage decline (6% -9% ), "not only did not improve in the fourth quarter occurred, down from more" Units "into a" double digits. " This is not a sports

apparel brand Anta issues Pick orders below market expectations in the fourth quarter. Pick Notice that the amount of orders in the fourth quarter of 2012 fell by 20% -30%, of which the amount of footwear orders decreased by 25% -30%, the amount of clothing orders dropped by about 25 percent. "The decline in orders of magnitude lower than that before we expected. "It is reported that the  adidas predator instinct fg Olympic commitment to the dealer," no hard targets ", that did not require the dealer must" eat "How many goods. This implies that demand is one of the main distributors decline

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