the regular season and the playoffs for 3 consecutive years

ball, the Pistons winning away from home. According to the New Jersey Nets news, famous former NBA center Shaquille o ' Neal has just sworn in last week as Louisiana city where a city police force acting Sheriff. Neal 19-season NBA career, he received 4 at Los Angeles Lakers, Miami Heat Championship, for now, he's added a second title for himself. Beijing time on Saturday, Neill appeared Louisiana Lafite in SAR courts, duly sworn in to become a local Deputy Sheriff of the city. Neill, a former Louisiana State  nike flyknit lunar 2 womens star, from an early age he wanted to be a policeman, while in the NBA made a very successful career, but he still did not forget his dream of youth, to join law enforcement bodies at the first opportunity, as a part-time police officer. Neill served a number of different States before the duty officer or reserve officer. In Orlando, he worked as a supernumerary policeman.

While playing for the Lakers, he was using the regular season and the playoffs for 3 consecutive years of free time in the basic police training camps, and successfully obtained the qualification certificate. During the period of effectiveness of the Sun, Phoenix Tempe district police station where he was to sign an agreement, obtained the title of reserve police at the police station. While playing for Knight, Neal applies also when the local sheriff's Special Representative. In the year 2013Year Neal was sworn nike free run into Office Miami of local reserve police officers. "Shaq would like to be a policeman, he loves this line, he also supported the police in this industry," the official said. "For people like Shaq, he does not live here, after all, so this is more a form of honorary titles, an Honorary Sheriff's nature," o ' Neill is responsible for receiving the oath of Office of the superior Chief of police said,

"but sometimes, when he came to this city, he can work with us. "January 13, Beijing time, rockets away 113-99 easily beat the nets, four-game winning streak. Haddon also played this game MVP-level performance, a three, a total of 29 minutes and 47 seconds of play, harden 9 of 13 shots grabbed 30 points and 6 assists. James Harden scored after ROAR. Although the nets is currently the highest payroll in the League team, but from the fighting, but they are a real lousy teams. For the opponents, harden wouldn't hesitate to start assists Ariza hit three minutes later, cornerstone dribbles top CIC after consecutive hits, then he is also sent to Beverley assists. It is clear that just opened, Haddon's status is very good. After Garnett and Howard conflict be sent off, white picked up a penalty chance. This obviously won't let, one ball after the free throws, cornerstone perimeter shot

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